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Software introduction

The Chinese version of 3dsmax2009 is a very powerful image processing software, modeling, animation, rendering and 3D functions, is an indispensable software design industry friends, and operation and installation are very simple, even if it is white, also can easily grasp, so what, come to download the green resources network!

3dsmax2009 Chinese version of the software is introduced

Autodesk produced a famous 3D animation software, is the famous software 3D Studio upgrade Edition。 3DS MAX is the most widely used 3D modeling and animation in the world, Rendering software And widely used in game development, animation, film and television visual effects and design industry etc.. The original version of 3D Studio developed by Kinetix, after the acquisition of Discreet, Discreet was acquired by Autodesk. The latest version of Autodesk 3ds Max 2009, 32 bits and 64 bits two versions.

 3dsmax2009 Chinese version download

3dsmax2009 image processing Tool function

Reveal rendering

Reveal new rendering system for you to quickly fine tune rendering offers precise control required. You can Choice Minus a specific object rendering the entire scene; a specific area or even a single object rendering frame buffer. Image rendering framebuffer now contains a simplified set of tools, through random objects, filtering area and process, to balance the quality, speed and integrity, can quickly and effectively achieve changes in render settings.

Improved Biped

The relationship between hand movement and ground new Biped work flow can make you deal with the role of Biped like foot movements. This feature greatly reduces the production steps required for the quadruped animation. 3DS Max 2009 also supports Biped objects to work the pivot point and select pivot point as the axis of rotation, which accelerated the creation of dramatic actions, such as the role of a fall on the ground.

The improved OBJ and FBX support

OBJ conversion with higher fidelity and more export options makes the 3DS Max and Mudbox and other digital Engraving software Transfer data more easily. You can use the export preset new geometry; additional options, including hidden spline or linear; and new optimization options to reduce file size and improve performance. Game production staff can experience the texture processing and object surface enhancement in the number of improved Mudbox import information. 3DS Max 2009 also provides improved FBX memory management and support for 3ds Max and other products (e.g. Maya and MotionBuilder) coordination of the work of the new import options.

Improved UV texture editor

3DS Max easy to use in intelligence, mapping tools continue to lead the industry Trend . You can use the new spline function to map mapping of tubular and kind of like objects, such as the road map to a region. In addition, the improved Relax and Pelt workflow simplified UVW expansion, enabling you to take fewer steps to create desired works. SDK.NET supports.NET, can expand your software with high senior application programming interface using Microsoft. 3DS Max 2009 software development Kit equipped with.NET sample code and documentation, can help developers to use this powerful tool kit.


The new material library provides easy to use, based on the physical mental ray material, so you can Fast enough Create a common architecture and design speed of the surface, such as glass, concrete or solid professional light or no light wall paint.

Improved photometric lights

3DS Max now supports the new area lights (circular, cylindrical), browse Dialog box To calculate the quality and distribution of light spot near-field photometry photometric web preview and lighting and improved user interface. In addition, the distribution type is now able to support any emitting shape, and you can show the light shape and rendering of objects in the image is consistent.

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