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NetEase UU gaming accelerator v2.10.17 official version NetEase UU computer | Download Accelerator NetEase UU gaming accelerator The users score: 8

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Software introduction

NetEase UU accelerator is the NetEase launched online tools in Ji'an city. Free use of software, support the popular online game acceleration, acceleration effect is good, no loss, let you henceforth no longer play online games caton. Quickly download experience!

The official introduction of NetEase UU accelerator

A company developed by the NetEase Network game accelerator Products for online games, the average speed of 80%. Free installation free registration free landing, the green compact without advertising. Currently supports 100 balance mainstream client game. Not to support web games.

NetEase UU accelerator software features

Green free

No advertising harassment, without queuing, extrusion line, eliminate pseudo free"! Permanent free online accelerator!

Compact and lightweight

Flexible, occupy less system resources, game player favorite!

New vision

A new transparent style, such as yarn thin wings, give you different visual experience!

NetEase UU accelerator computer version features

Very quickly 80%

The top IDC clusters, exclusive bandwidth, optical fiber connection, full range of high-end blade servers for online games, the average speed of 80%.

Super stable 0 loss

High intelligent processing module, the realization of the 0 packet loss and node transit industry leading.

Free 0*00

In the end will be permanently free, but also accelerate the win points, game props, surrounding the exchange value.

Using the tutorial

1. NetEase UU gaming accelerator free registration login free, as long as you submit on first use authentication, the next time you start can be directly accelerated. Welcome to click on the interface in the open free acceleration, will jump to the authentication interface.

In 2. the NetEase UU gaming accelerator interface to enter your mobile phone number, click to get the verification code, if has not received a long time to get verification code. The validity of the verification code is 30 minutes, if expired can re access verification code. Normally, 60 seconds You will receive a message authentication code, you do not charge any fees sms.

In 3. the NetEase UU gaming accelerator interface input you receive the verification code and submit verification.

4. after the successful verification, you can Choice The game was accelerated! Permanent free online accelerator, without extrusion line, line.

Installation instructions

1. in the green resources network download and unzip.

2. Click to start the installation path selection and wait for the completion of installation.

 The computer version of NetEase UU accelerator

3. login or register account use.

 NetEase UU gaming accelerator

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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