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ApabiReader founder CEB file reader free version of the latest version of v4.5.3 The official CEB file reader download | ApabiReader founder CEB file reader free version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Apabireader founder CEB file reader free version is a very easy to use CEB file reading software, support on the computer to open the CEB format files and documents, welcome to download experience green resources network!

The official introduction

Founder Apabi Reader is a widely read CEB, PDF file Reading software, friendly interface, simple operation.


There are two ways to browse the help files: you can read the help file of each module, or the use of Table 1 that there are Choice Reading.

Use Reader 2 to open the CEB or PDF file method is very flexible, with Apabi Reader 2 to open the file in the way:

 Apabi reader reader

In Reader 2 the main interface implementation of the menu item "| file open, select the file in Reader 2; the main interface of the toolbar, click" open "button, select the file; click on the right mouse button to open the file, select the Apabi Reader 2;

Right click on the file to open, select "open", and then choose Apabi Reader, can also be embedded in IE to open Reader 2

CEB file reader Apabi Reader 2 shortcut list

Shortcut function

Open the file Ctrl+O

Save Ctrl+S

Print Ctrl+P

Copy Ctrl+C

Find Ctrl+F

Search Ctrl+Shift+F

The search for the next Ctrl+G

A search on Ctrl+Shift+G

The actual size of Ctrl+0

For the width of Ctrl+1

For the height of Ctrl+2

For windows Ctrl+3

Full screen F11

Document properties Ctrl+D

Option Ctrl+K

Enlarge the page proportion of small keyboard + button

Reduce the proportion of small keyboard keys - Page

Turn to the first page of the Home key

Turn to the last page of the End key

To the specified page Ctrl+Shift+N

On page PageUp key

Back flip PageDown keys

Open the help file F1

A view of the Alt+Left

The next view Alt+Right

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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