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StarCraft 1.08 Chinese version free installation disk version StarCraft 1.08 Chinese download | StarCraft 1.08 Chinese version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: StarCraft

StarCraft 1.08 Chinese players is the most promising and the most like a version, because this version made a lot of balance adjustment. Green resources network will bring 1.08 Chinese version, more convenient for us to play, quickly download experience!

The game is introduced

"StarCraft" (Taiwan translation "StarCraft") English name StarCraft, is officially released by Activision in 1998, a real-time strategy game, the main Designer James Phinney and Chris Metzen, curated by Shane Dibiri featuring. "StarCraft" is set in a science fiction story, around three imaginary the Milky Way race, they are: Protoss (a pure spirit, pure energy race), Zerg (a pure spirit, pure biological race) and Terran (original in exile from earth test - criminals. The expansion UED the earth human colonists). The game was originally released on the Windows platform, after being transplanted to the Macintosh platform and Nintendo 64. In July 27, 2010 the "StarCraft II" for sale, StarCraft 1.08 edition is an updated version of StarCraft (version from the balance adjustment of Blizzard stop StarCraft)

The operation of the game

The left mouse button:

The left button is" Choice "Function to select to control unit. "Select" the method of "point" and "box" in two, "points" to select a combat unit, and the "box" to select multiple units at a time. Of course, a "double click" select all combat units, is the same unit on the screen (<=12), equivalent to Ctrl click. All operations in the game, as long as a left key can be completed. For example: farmers want mining, only need to select the farmers (left click), then click on the lower right corner of the function bar icon in Gather. Then left click on a pile of ore.

Right mouse button:

1) is usually used to selected units to achieve a function in the circumstances most likely to perform, such as selection of farmers (left click), then right-click on a mineral, farmers will be to mining. But when the enemy to attack, right click to select farmers after the enemy. Farmers will be to attack it, instead of "mining".

2) cancel function. In the building to choose the location or cancel right click and release process of magic.

3) the Terran radar, can select specific locations in a small map.

Keyboard hotkey:

The arms function, more commonly used hotkeys are: A-attack, H-hold, S-stop, ctrl+ keys - formation.


Power overwhelming StarCraft invincible

Operation CWAL StarCraft accelerated production

Show me the money StarCraft 10000 increase in gas and minerals

The gathering StarCraft unlimited magic

Game Overman StarCraft game fails immediately

StarCraft noglues the enemy cannot cast spells

StarCraft stayingalive task cannot be completed

There is no cow level to complete the task

Whats mine is mine StarCraft crystal mine unlimited

Breathedeep StarCraft gas unlimited

Somethingfornothing can open all production options

On blacksheepwall map

Medievalman an unlimited number of production units

All the research and development of modifythephasevariance Technology

The waraintwhatitusedtobe switch in the fog of war

Food for thought StarCraft infinite population

The rediofreezerg task game hidden songs

These cheats are in single player mode, press the ENTER key input.

Jump off:

Enter Ophelia and press enter

You want to go back to level.

Xiaobian help

In order to help the game player friends to experience more star map related content, this site also provides StarCraft download!

StarCraft map: Http://

StarCraft version 1.08 crack, the first to play this game, you need to run Setup.exe.


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The second floor of the guest users Published: 2017/7/19 18:35:58
The game, played many years ago to play boring summer, and faster download speed is good

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The first floor of the European guest users Published: 2015/1/4 22:45:30
Blizzard is a classic game!

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