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Meitu Xiu Xiu 2016 official computer version It is a PC terminal image processing software released in 2016. It has a thin face and thin weight. Skin grinding Remove acne, add borders, Free Puzzle and other powerful functions. This version is simple and easy to use. Welcome to download in green resource website.

Meitu Xiu Xiu 2016 official introduction

Meitu Xiu Xiu is a photo processing software developed by Mito pictures. Meitu Xiu Xiu has the most popular and popular picture effects nowadays. The superposition of different effects makes the picture full of personality. Support one button to share the map with us. Sina micro-blog , Tencent micro-blog Renren, QQ... Share good life with your friends instantly.

Meitu Xiu Xiu flash function

[multi graph flash]

1, first of all, under the flash label. Choice Any flash pattern, open the flash edit box.

2. On the left side of the flash edit box, you can see the new "custom flash map" column, which arranges every picture in the flash diagram. You can replace the current image by clicking any "replace" button on any frame.

3, click "add a frame" button to add multiple frames to the flash.

4, finally adjust the flash speed, feel satisfied, click Save to complete.

[do flash map]

1, open Meitu Xiu Xiu, choose "flash map" under the menu of "do their own flash map" function.

2, after entering the edit box, there will be a "add one frame" button, that is, add a picture, a change of meaning, you can continue to add.

3, add a picture will appear after the "adjustment window", according to their preferences to adjust, you can choose partial amplification and rotation.

4, then add pictures.

5, after the picture is added, the "preview flash effect" is adjusted to adjust the speed of the flash, and the speed is determined by itself.

Introduction to Meitu Xiu Xiu accessories

[static accessories]

The material of jewelry can be classified into two categories: static and dynamic. Material is mostly dynamic, while static material is mainly "non mainstream", and there are many material patterns in it. Various combinations can be made by adjusting the transparency, size and direction.

[dynamic accessories]

Dynamic material generally refers to GIF format multi frame animation picture, and other material is also through adjusting the transparency, size, direction to produce desired results. It should be noted that if the right-hand key is used to lay the bottom, the material will merge with the pictures, so that no dynamic effect can be made. So when you do the drawing, you should pay attention to it. If you have dynamic accessories, you can't use the "positive stack", and remember to save it as a dynamic GIF image format when you save it.

Although Meitu Xiu Xiu provides a wide variety of material in the "jewelry", the demand is endless. At the end of the menu bar, there is a "import item" function that allows you to import material from your computer to make use of it.

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