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Software introduction

NetEase News App NetEase is the mobile phone news client, built by NetEase Ltd. Mobile phone news software . News updates, the latest news knew; there are a variety of entertainment gossip, society etc.. Love friends quickly download experience!

NetEase news client characteristics

Keep abreast of 1. towers, the most talented users of NetEase

No one of which is not news. Keep abreast of news is the most distinctive part of the NetEase, NetEase, users of high level, can not be used to describe the talented. Not much to say, you know!

2. news push, not to miss the news

Free push major news, you don't need to open the news client, also the first time to know current events, respond more quickly. The function can be turned off at any time, not to be disturbed.

3. character customization, column like heart to see

In addition to the first screen the default recommended channel, there are more channels for customization, priority Choice Do you want to see the channel.

4. for offline reading, can see no signal

metro No signal? Just open the client at home or company under the environment of WiFi, will automatically pre download does not account for 3G traffic, even if the mobile phone no signal can also watch the news.

The 5. picture selection, fast update the most awesome

No major news, sports, or entertainment stars, society; update the wonderful pictures, with pictures of the story, let you see more clearly!

 NetEase app download news

NetEase news version of mobile phone function

[] fully open mode of Olympic Games

A comprehensive on-line version of the Olympic Games, the strongest, the full range of live events reported ready, there are wonderful events sent millions of awards, waiting for you to come around!

[wonderful] keep abreast of

400 million friends together to levy, regardless of the old driver of new talent, sharp comments heroes to make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks "paste", friends.

[interaction Live broadcast ]

Full screen real-time interactive live material make complaints about, followed by hot hand news, always at the scene.

[original] column

Refused to mediocrity, attention point of view, the news channel points refreshing, Funny Satin Daily stop.

[character] subscription

Over time, the more deep feelings, you really want to see the news, do you know a news APP.

 NetEase Android News Edition

[Topic] asked.

Want to say, the bucket figure bicker public discussion; expert interaction, reply to the great spirit of wit.

Use help

The resting state how to receive the NetEase news:

1. into the NetEase news client news - push - Open - set.

2. mobile phone can be connected to normal mobile data or WIFI.

Some 3. mobile phone dormant will automatically shut down and mobile data WIFI Mobile phone, wireless network and ----WLAN - set menu pop-up settings - advanced options ----WLAN sleep strategy ---- choose never sleep.

Update log

V53.1 update:

[1.] keep abreast of classification of small details page optimization, content display more clearly;

[2.] special interactive visual new revision, suction eye reading clustering;

[3. Short video Double click on the player] Give the thumbs-up As you play, interactive effects.

V45.0 update:

[1.] WiFi environment optimization Small video Automatic playback, video brush does not stop;

[2.] the new broadcast single new gentie function, more interesting for you to interact;

[3.] new NetEase number to view the author broadcast single, hot content at any time to see.

Developer: NetEase (Beijing) Co., Ltd. media technology

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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