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Software introduction

LBE security master Mobile phone edition Is a very powerful Android mobile phone Security software Support, free root management application permissions, support WeChat QQ, double, also provides a feature phone acceleration, ad blocking etc., quickly download experience!

 LBE security master

The official introduction

LBE security master of the industry's first API based on interception technology, can real-time monitor and intercept sensitive operation system, dynamically intercepting various threats from known and unknown. Avoid all kinds of smoking costs the software, advertising software and Trojan to steal your mobile phone in the privacy of information and possible economic losses.

Mobile phone LBE security master characteristics

[ Authority management ]

Super perfect realization of APP rights management

[new] harassment intercept

The garbage out telephone, SMS fraud!

[intelligent] acceleration

Clean up unwanted process

 LBE security master app

Only the end of the cache and background process for your mobile phone close up!

[cut] wake up

No perfect software wake up each other

Perfect Cut wake: smart cut + manual cut double insurance!


Automatic sleep software

The background software is fully dormant, mobile phone acceleration more fun!

LBE security master function

Active defense: a comprehensive management system of various privileges, all sensitive operations under control, Xifei intercept, prevent loss of privacy

Killing the virus: virus killing function, and support for killing ROM virus (ROOT)

Traffic management: clear and fine, the monthly flow is no longer excess.

Firewall communication: refinement of communication management, bid farewell to spam messages, harassing phone calls, a new firewall system level, to intercept more quickly, to a sound awkward

Garbage unloading: all remnants of residues, foreignmaterial, advertising software swept away..

System optimization: faster and more clean, easy to kill stubborn process.

Battery Optimization: saving more worry, improved battery life.


Please do not install a variety of mobile phone such as 360 guards, Tencent (QQ) mobile phone housekeeper, Kingsoft mobile phone housekeeper and security guards have privilege management function of security software, so as not to affect the stability of mobile phone system.

Reminder: the use of millet mobile phone, brush and other integration into MIUI4.0+ LBE ROM user rights management, rights management comes off the system, so as not to affect the normal use of part feature phone.

Update log

V6.1.2557 update:

[1.] Android BUG 8 repair some problems

2. [] part of the advertising is to intercept SDK repair problems

Software screenshot

Download address

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