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Fast broadcast (Q broadcast) version of the v5.8.130.0 version of the official installation enhancement Our enhanced version of the official download | Fast broadcast (Q broadcast) enhanced version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Nora The enhanced version of the player Is a free video player software. Can playback speed global television drama, support a variety of mainstream media format, is a new media player! Love this version of the user to quickly download it green resources network.


Qvod Player (Q multicast) is a quasi video on demand (QVOD) core, multi-functional, personalized media player. Qvod Player integrates new playback engine, video on demand technology not only to support independent research and development; and is free of BT software, users need only a few minutes can buffer through the side receiving side to watch rich film and television program BT. Qvod Player with the low resource consumption, simple operation, high efficiency, scalability and strong features, make it become the most popular P2P player software. Fast broadcast (Q broadcast) enhanced version of compiler comes with a variety of types Decoder That is a versatile video decoding software to achieve a variety of popular video and audio playback perfect.

 Our enhanced version

Our enhanced version of the software features

1, a fast 3 enhanced version of you do not need to install XviD, ffdshow, AC3 filter, Ogg, vobsub and so on the so-called essential DVDrip decoder.

2, AVI, VCD, the perfect support for DVD, MPG, MP4, RMVB, TS, TP, EVO, M2TS, MKV, OGM, MOV, CSF, FLV, 3GP and all other mainstream media format.

3, the recommended installation environment is Windows XP, DirectX 9.0C, Windows Media Player 10/11 does not support Windows9x.


1, our enhanced version although detection decoding module, but before installation please uninstall and decode packets and enhance Nora player edition with similar functions, to ensure good compatibility and full functionality, strongly recommended to restart the Windows system and then installed after unloading;

2, our enhanced version of support HD-DVD/BD (TS) VC1 Remux HD playback;

3, our enhanced version released in order to share, never tied to any rogue / adware, but some auxiliary tools for NSIS scripting, some monitoring software may be the false advertising software, please refer to the "employers do not suspect, the suspect not mentality, hereby declare that not to repeat.

If you install our 3 enhanced version, there are still individual formats of media files to play, please you through the FTP tool to upload to the QVOD server, so that we can solve the problem of fast.

To update the content

1, the new painting from the installation package

2, update the player component

3, the new join private list of tips

4, update terminal, P2P optimization

5, suspended new screenshots, QMV tag display window

6, update QvodNet.dll, task HTTP agreement amendment individual cases lead ins crash problem

7, update npQvodInsert.dll, modify the IE9 plug-in loading repeat the question

Dear users, this software v5.8.130.0 version of the official installation bundle of plug-in is installed options, if you do not want to install plug-ins, install the software please choose some antivirus software may report drug installation, please pay attention to the judgment.

Software screenshot

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Watching films artifact, what all don't say, know.

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