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Netcom broadband dial-up client v1.3 Green Edition  Netcom broadband dial-up client The score: 8

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Software introduction

Netcom broadband dial-up client Is a very easy to use broadband connection Dial key tool, connect to the network has the advantages of simple operation, powerful function, Internet speed, stable operation, fast to download it to the green resources network!

Netcom broadband dial-up basic introduction

Netcom broadband dial-up client is designed for the majority of domestic Netcom broadband dial-up free. With a green free plug-in, dial-up speed, less resource, and can be set to run automatically, automatic dialing, break even after the automatic shutdown, and dial-up connection proxy settings and other functions.

Broadband dial-up client built-in auxiliary functions, you can add to the software used here, the preservation group. Just after the open dial-up client, you can directly start your application.

 Netcom broadband dial-up client

The main function of broadband dial-up network

Broadband dial-up access

Through the Internet dial-up client.

Online business hall

Provide broadband Internet detail query and fixed cost of telephone inquiries, inquiries and other services cost of phs.

Netcom letter spirit

Can realize the PHS terminal between PHS and PC text information of instant communication.

practical world

Provide e-mail, weather forecast, map query, online dictionary, online translation service.

Fault detection

Online fault monitoring function in online antivirus, electronic calendar, Netcom Security guards In one.

Software screenshot

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