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Adobe reader 7.07 simplified version of the latest version of the free Chinese Adobe reader 7 official download | Adobe reader 7.07 simplified version Chinese The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Adobereader Pdf reader

Adobe Reader 7 Professional Is the company launched Adobe Pdf reader Than. Foxit PDF reader More powerful, green resources network will bring adobe reader 7 simplified Chinese version, a friend in need, please download experience!

Adobe reader7 features

1. free Adobe Reader allows you to read any PDF document. But Adobe Reader 7 also provides some important features and enhancements, greatly expanding the flexibility of Adobe PDF document.

2. if the creator Adobe PDF document gives additional permissions, Adobe Reader users can use tools and more features, allowed to fill in the form, sign the document, and based on email Browser The document viewer sharing, PDF and non PDF file attached to a PDF document.

3. if you open these additional permissions, there will be a yellow information bar, display the document need additional tools. Language support has also been extended, will automatically save the property record at any time in case of state power, also makes use of new access characteristics vehicle Equipment and visually impaired users more convenient.

 Adobe reader 7 Chinese version

4. according to your preferences, Adobe Reader even in the network can also be downloaded in the background automatically update. (including English version and Chinese documents)

Adobe reader 7

The use of Acrobat7.0Professional can be made by scanning Image, spreadsheet, presentation and CAD (SpreadSheet) information content and other components of the PDF file, the user can browse and change the layout design and check the use of Reader7.0. In addition, Acrobat7.0Professional embedded in the company integrated design environment CreativeSuitePremium1.3".

Acrobat7.0Standard (Standard Edition) to the enterprise users from the Web page, email and daily use software application and the documents in the search, efficient use and management of important information means.

AcrobatElements (basic) to provide a large number of enterprises can be authorized in the company all the additional production AdobePDF file function table.

First, edit PDF, convert PDF to Word, Excel Print, PDF:

1.PDF Word, Excel: PDF files will be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel file, and keep the layout, format and form.

2.: Quick Edit PDF documents in the PDF file directly to the text and images to edit, change, delete, re ordering and rotating PDF page.

3. quick print PDF: reduce printer error and delay. Preview, prepress check, correction and ready for high-end printing and digital publishing PDF file.

Two, create rich media PDF file:

Will include electronic forms, web pages, video and other rich content for an optimized PDF document, so as to enhance the effect. Easily customize the PDF package, highlighting your brand image and style.

Three, scan to PDF, PDF documents:

Use the Acrobat X built-in Pro PDF Converter You can, paper documents, electronic form Excel, email, website, photos, and other content Flash scan or converted to PDF documents.

1.HTML PDF: Click IE or Firefox in the Web Capture for the PDF file, and all links will be intact. You can only Choice The required content conversion part ".

2. print to PDF: in any Adobe PDF as to create PDF document application in print printer. Acrobat X can capture the appearance and style of the original document.

3.Word, Excel PDF: integrated in Microsoft Office in the use of a key function to convert PDF files, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint Publisher, and Outlook.

4. scan to PDF: scan paper documents and form and convert them to PDF. Automatically search for scanning text using OCR, then check and repair the suspicious error. You can export text, reuse them in other applications.

Release characteristics

The new version adds two Acrobat pl UG S-ins (Acrobat Search and AutoIndx), it can be on the hard disk, CD and LAN search using Acrobat tool to create a Catalog PDF file index file

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