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UE editor (UltraEdit32) v14.20 Sinicization Green Portable cracked version UE editor green version download UE editor (UltraEdit32) User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

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UltraEdit32 It is a simple and convenient UE intelligent editor, which can be used for editing, managing and operating on line. Binary conversion Intelligent editing is fast generated. Come to the green resource network download experience!

Introduction to UE editor

UltraEdit32 Chinese version of the green portable version of disk based text editing - document size is not limited, even a few megabytes of files occupy only the smallest memory.

The UE editor can satisfy all editors you need. It can edit text, sixteen hexadecimal, ASCII code, and it can be replaced. Notepad The built in English word check, C++ and VB instructions are highlighted.

 UE editor green version download

UE skills

1) delete blank lines: replace% [^t]++^p for empty strings.

2) delete row tail space: replace [^t]+$is empty string.

3) delete the header space: replace% [^t]+ for empty strings.

4) each row is set to a fixed 4 space beginning: replace% [^t]++^ ([^t^p]^)) to "^1".

5) each segment is set at the beginning of a fixed 4 space: replace% [^t]+ is] (if a row starts with a space, it is regarded as a start line).

6) merge a segment into one line: replace [^t]++^p^ ([^t^p]^] = ^1) (Note: the text is assumed to enter in the DOS way, CR/LF).

7) remove HTML TAG: and replace ^{<*>^}^{<*^p*>^} as empty string.

8) delete all in HTML: replace []++a * []++href[] + + = * > empty string.

9) delete the first 2 characters specified in the text: replace%??

10) insert 2 columns of blank characters after fourth columns: replace% ^ (?? ^) ^ (^) as "^1 ^2".

11) find all the numbers: [0-9]+[.]++[0-9]+

12) find all the words: [a-z]+

13) find all URLs: http://[a-z0-9^~`_./^-^? = +] +

UltraEdit regular expression (UltraEdit Syntax)

%1 search starts at 1.

1$search ends with 1 rows.

Matching single characters?

* matching multiple characters

Te+st matches "test", "Teest", "teeeest" and so on, but does not match "TST".

Te++st matches "test", "Teest", "teeeest", "TST" and so on, but does not match.

^p new line (DOS Files format)

^r new line (MAC Files format)

^n new line (UNIX Files format)

^t tab bond

[1-9] matches 1-9 figures.

[linux] matches any word in Linux.

[~0-9] any word except numbers.

"^{John^}^{Tom^}" searches for John and Tom, such as John sdfasdf Tom, are selected, of course, excluding sdfasdf.

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