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The UE editor (UltraEdit32) v14.20 Chinese green portable version UE editor | green version download The UE editor (UltraEdit32) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: UltraEdit UE editor

UltraEdit32 Is a simple and convenient UE intelligent online editor, can quickly edit operation management, Hexadecimal conversion The rapid generation of intelligent editing. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

UE editor introduction

UltraEdit32 finished green portable version of the disk text editing document size restrictions based on even multi megabyte files occupy minimal memory.

The UE editor can meet all your needs of the editorial editor. It can edit text, sixteen hexadecimal, ASCII code, can be replaced Notepad , built in C++ and VB, English word check instructions to highlight.

 Editor UE green version download

UE skills

1) format: replace%[^t]++^p is empty

2) at the end of the blank: replace delete [^t]+$is empty

3) the deletion of ^t]+ is empty space: replace%[

4) each line is set to 4 spaces at the beginning of the%[^t]++^ fixed: replace "^1 (~ ^t^p]^)"

5) each segment is set to 4 spaces at the beginning of fixed: replace "^t]+"%[(if a line is in space, is regarded as the start line of a paragraph)

6) will be a merger as a line: replace [^t]++^p^ (^t^p]^ ~ ^1) (Note: this assumes that text is a DOS newline - CR/LF)

7) remove the HTML TAG: replace ^{<*>^}^{<*^p*>^} is empty

8) delete all in HTML:]++a]++href[<[replace professional]++=*> as empty strings

9) delete the text specified in the first 2 columns: replace the% character as an empty string??

10) insert 2 column blank characters after the fourth column: replace the%^ (???? (^ ^ ^)?) "^1 ^2"

11) find all the numbers: [0-9]+[.]++[0-9]+

12) find all words: [a-z]+

13) find all of the web site: http://[a-z0-9^~`_./^-^ =&]+?

UltraEdit regular expressions (UltraEdit Syntax)

%1 search to 1 at the beginning of the line

1$search to 1 for the end of the line

Single character matching?

*, multi character

Te+st, "test", "Teest", "teeeest" and so on. But does not match "TST".

Te++st, "test", "Teest", "teeeest", "TST" and so on. But do not match.

The new ^p (DOS Files)

The new ^r (MAC Files)

The new ^n (UNIX Files)

^t tab key

[1-9], the number of 1-9

[linux] matches any one of Linux.

[~0-9] than a number any word

"^{John^}^{Tom^}" John and Tom such as John sdfasdf search Tom is selected, of course, does not include sdfasdf, which is ^{and ^} separator

Software screenshot

Download address

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