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Sohu Video Player v5.2.0.1 latest official version 2017 Sohu official video download 2017| Sohu 2017 video player The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: SHPlayer Video player

2017 video Sohu That is Video Sohu The client is launched by Sohu, a video Video player Video on demand, powerful function, can also support a variety of popular video on demand; watch the local TV station, central station, quickly download experience!

 Sohu Video 2017 official download

Sohu Video Player 2017


There is no TV at home? Never mind, Sohu Video Software provides a high-definition television broadcast function, you can watch the country hundreds of TV channels.

Movie download

You can watch online, you can also love the video downloaded to the local computer, you can network video local playback.

Online play

No Youku Potato Sohu, only need to download and install video player can play online websites popular blockbuster video resources, enjoy watching.

Podcast upload

Sohu can share video podcast directly in the Sohu video client to upload, open the page without support multitasking and HTTP, convenient and quick.

Movie download

You can watch online, you can also love the video downloaded to the local computer, you can network video local playback.

Sohu 2017 video player function

No advertising

Support video film and TV Sohu, Variety show The acceleration of video playback, and can be "SD", "HD" and "super clean" video resolution Choice Play; and support the local audio and video media files.

Video broadcast

Support hundreds of TV and local TV broadcast, is more comprehensive than TV channel.

Super upload

Support Sohu podcast video upload, and support multi task upload, http. Great convenience for users to share video.

Download HD movies

Support video Sohu massive program download, easy to complete network video local playback.

Cloud records

Login user can use the video Sohu unique cloud services, cloud Sohu will record the viewing history, show view to see half is not afraid to change computer to play.

3D conversion

Can be all 2D video real-time 3D conversion when playing at home, can also enjoy the cinema shock effect; at the same time the color conversion 3D video support, a pair of 3D glasses to watch all the 3D mode.

Use help

Flash cannot be installed, that version is too low?

If the FLASH in the process of installing tips "are trying to install Adobe (R) Flash (R) Player version is not the latest version, please follow the steps below:

A. click on the "start" - "run", type "regedit", enter; as shown below

 Sohu official video download 2017 B. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\SafeVersions" value in the delete (keep the default) as shown below.

 Sohu video player C. cancellation system or restart the system, and then enter the player page, install the plugin can according to related tips.

Unable to watch video, picture display screen
inspect Browser Java script support
A.: open the browser "tools" - > "Internet options", as shown below.

 Sohu video download B. switch to the "security" tab, click the "default level" button (if you can't click the button is gray, you do not need to modify here or hijacked by malicious software), IE will automatically open the Java script, as shown below.

 Sohu official download video player

Update log

V5.2.0.1 update:

1. support the classic black and white skin switch, highlight the personality;

2. more information, make video more understand you;

3. new download upload function interface, operating more smoothly;

4. window operation.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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First, Japan guest users Published: 2014/12/16 23:25:06
Just want to see a local TV station, finally found a good software.

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