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Sync assistant computer version of v3.2.8.0 PC version of the official Sync assistant iPhone version of the official download | Sync assistant computer version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Sync assistant The computer version Is a PC side of apple, Android, iPad and other mobile device management The tool, provides abundant resources to download, Android and apple applications, games can be found, you can also repair mobile phone flash back problems, garbage clean-up system, absolutely is a good use of the apple, Android assistant. Quickly download experience!

Sync assistant introduction

Sync assistant is a massive game, application, wallpaper, ringtones download more convenient, can repair flash back, backup and restore personal data, clean up the garbage, making mobile phone ringtones, jailbreak, backup WeChat Chat, download the WeChat personality expression etc.. Sync assistant is rich in resources, complete functions, safety and portability, and support multi platform.

Sync assistant features

1. interactive concise, simple

Interface concise, convenient interactive interpretation is only easy to use

2. massive resources, high-quality products

The most popular application, fun games, music, wallpaper, personalized ringtones over millions of resources. You can find that.

3. functions are available, cover and contain everything

The child is father of the man, offers a variety of simple efficiency management tools and management.

4. touch up, swim free

Kaiqichao High speed communication Fast speed, download, download and install experience.

Sync assistant function

Support iOS/Android dual platform

Sync assistant in the case of no escape can not only High speed download The massive game application, also has the ring / download wallpaper, garbage clean-up system, firmware download and backup personal data management function, is easy to use, massive resources advantage. At the same time also provides full support for all iPhone, iPad and iTouch Apple devices, XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 system can run.

Genuine authorized repair flash back

The authorization function provided specifically for iOS equipment genuine users, can solve the application running on the mobile terminal AppleID pop-up login window, or install genuine application of flash back. For all applications on the device for Tingyi can also be authorized, strong repair for a single application, deal with the problem of flash back.

Landing AppleID

Synchronous push R & D team first capture flash back problems, launched AppleID flash back to solve bound. The user can through the mobile terminal synchronous push to bind AppleID, also can be connected at the PC end binding AppleID synchronization assistant, all genuine application binding after installation will not appear abnormal case flash back.

Genuine / jailbreak The app store

Sync assistant device is the iOS application store will distinguish genuine store and jailbreak store. The store not jailbreak users with genuine massive resources, not to escape all genuine software can also download the apple store. For the jailbreak store has provided the massive software of equipment for jailbreak users, can install a large number of games and application resources.

If Apple devices have been jailbroken, then the synchronization assistant Apple jailbreak store can search and download to the needs of the various applications and games. The channel provides massive free software to jailbreak iPhone/iPad users, as well as popular games recommended every day.

Clean up the garbage

May be the depth of the mobile device to clean up the garbage in the garbage, regular cleaning equipment, reasonable and effective use of space, keep the equipment running smoothly.

WeChat personality expression

Support from the table EQ The local computer store, into the expression, make WeChat more personality.

The latest version of iOS synchronization assistant management tool provides the following version of the iOS8.3 WeChat expression No matter what is the management function of WeChat iOS firmware version, just below 8.3, are available through the latest version of the full range of complete synchronization assistant management function of WeChat expression.

Backup and restore

Text messages, photos, contacts and configuration information complete data backup device, brush A key to restore Don't worry about the loss of data.

WeChat chat

Check and export iOS version of WeChat chat, important information will not be lost. Search the chat function, convenient arrangement.

personalize icons

Don't break out to change the iPhone operator icon, let mobile phone more features. Download a variety of carrier material.

Using the tutorial

IOS8.3 backup WeChat news records, WeChat data access failed to do?
Due to restrictions in the use of iOS8.3 system, synchronization assistant WeChat message log backup and recovery process, "WeChat data acquisition failure", according to the following steps to try to solve:
Because iTunes is checked for iPhone backup encryption, leading to synchronization assistant can not successfully obtain WeChat data.
Terms of settlement:
1. devices connected to the computer, open the iTunes. From the upper left corner, click on the device icon, switch to the iTunes device information page.

 Sync assistant 2. the "backup" function in the "iPhone backup encryption" uncheck (not selected), and finally click on the "apply" button to save the settings.

 Sync assistant computer version 3. in the synchronization assistant in the WeChat data access failure prompt click "re check" button.

 Sync assistant iPhone version of the official download

Sync assistant, errors and suggest solutions to install the software?

Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed -402620415

Please check whether the software you are installing is a crack version, if it is, please make sure that your mobile phone has escaped, and have installed the AppSync for like iOS IPA patch;

Error: InstallProhibited -402636802 installation is prohibited

In settings - General - access restrictions on column check whether to install the application and delete applications have been restricted. If you do, the limit can be shut down.

KAMDApplicationAlreadyInstall error:

The error represents the software version in PXL format has been installed on your device, PXL cannot uninstall through mobile phone. So with the installation software will prompt installation fails, you can uninstall the software synchronization assistant [] uninstall the software, then install the synchronization assistant []. We will automatically convert PXL to IPA format for installation, not only to the white apple, can also uninstall the software directly on the mobile phone.

KAMDPackageExtractionFailedError error:

This error indicates that the software you are installing may have been damaged, can not be normal or insufficient decompression; your device space, lead to normal decompression.

KAMDBundleVerificationFailedErrorr error:

This error indicates that the software you are installing cannot be installed on your mobile device, the system may be version does not match, such as can only be used in the iPad software installed on iPhone.

Update log

V3.2.8.0 update:

1. compatible with iOS10

2. compatible with iTunes12.5.1.21

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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