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Tencent (TM Tencent Messenger) v1.96.10913.0 the latest version of the official Tencent TM download | Tencent (TM Tencent Messenger) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Tencent TM By the Tencent to create an instant messaging chat software, video chat and online communication exchange Remote control Such as chat unlimited, instant messaging chat without boundaries. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Tencent TM software introduction

Tencent TM is Tencent Messenger, is Tencent launched a personal Instant messaging software Can exchange connection with QQ, and has the characteristics of no advertising, anti harassment, quiet and efficient, simple and fresh style, mainly used in the office environment.

The characteristics of Tencent TM software

Efficient multi person cooperation documents

Support multiplayer online editor Word, Excel File;

Support Web "view, but also the export document.

Free audio and video calls

Many people support calls, and meeting scheduled.

Familiar with the habits of QQ

Simple interface, lightweight and easy to use;

QQ login, friends, news of complete synchronization.

Tencent TM configuration requirements

Hard disk

Installation requires 100MB of hard disk space, the need to run the 50MB free space.


A minimum of 800 x 600 (recommended 1024 x 768 screen resolution).


Your computer should install Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or higher, but not necessarily set as the default browser.

Internet connection

Access to the Internet (broadband wireless access is best to reduce the quality of analog circuit is not recommended).

Computer and processor

The processor over 800MHz (if open the video at least 1GHz).

operating system

Microsoft? Windows? 2000sp1 or higher version (recommended Microsoft? Windows? XP).


More than 128MB (if you open the video at least 256MB).

Software screenshot

Download address

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