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Software introduction

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powerdirector 12 ri Is used to crack the PowerDirector 12 tool, as a leading digital Video editing software PowerDirector, provide users with super multi Video Post Suite and professional quality effects, make work easier, Xiaobian for everyone here to provide PowerDirector 12 registered machine, to help you get serial number free to use Oh, we quickly download it.

The power of the director

PowerDirector is new milepost film production software, the production of professional film / video CD, anyone can become a creative video game player! The unique script / area time axis Dual interface, easy to use and has the advantages of professional precision, a native 64 bit engine, High quality Film production faster and more stable new exclusive TrueVelocity technology, have faster reaction time and efficiency of editing more professional shaft 100 rail clips and more powerful editing tools exclusively built TrueTheater video technology, image enhancement effect is more significant material resources is infinite, and more than 10000 kinds of specific templates to download full support for Intel second generation processor from Core DirectorZone website. In addition, PowerDirector also provides hundreds of kinds of text, and transition effects unprecedented movie special effects, can let you create the most unique film and DVD disc!

 PowerDirector 12 jailbreak tools

PowerDirector 12 registered machine instructions

1, first correctly installed PowerDirector 12;

2, download the station to provide PowerDirector 12 registered machine;

3, double click "keygen.exe", click "patch" to "Hosts file patched!" screen shielding activation site inspection;

4, serial calculates the activation code and copy [VN3MH-QAJE6-BLE84-ARSL4-D46X2-7262P]

5, fill in the registration of software interface can last.


Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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