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Founder Securities Quanyou Professional Edition v6.51 the latest version of the official. Founder Securities professional edition download | Founder Securities Quanyou through professional edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Founder Securities Quanyou through professional edition Is the function of the securities transaction information system Founder Securities Limited by Share Ltd makes. A key market information, view, comprehensive and abundant; transaction convenience, flash orders, commission, take advantage of investment opportunities. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!


Market in full, rich functions

First, a free Hong Kong stocks To reveal the market (only fifteen minutes delay), build Hong Kong combat platform for you, to help you understand the Hong Kong stock exchange rules, improve the level of investment in Hong Kong stocks, find investment opportunities from the Shanghai and Shenzhen three transport market.

Two, the first free "stock index futures market, help you to determine in advance the day A stock market trend. Method: click on the menu bar of the "stock index futures" label. Click on the stock index futures, stock index futures quotes can be switched to the interface.

Three, A+H share price, let you know the first time with a listed company in two markets.

A variety of information, for your reference

Quanyou online trading system is a powerful information platform, can provide a variety of information products for investors (such as Hong Kong and Macao information, Weisaite information in the stock market in the press F10), can be closely connected with Founder Securities website, provide a variety of information to the user network founder securities.

Customer classification, exclusive resources

To provide differentiated services. According to the different characteristics of customers, provide a "rich Quanyou" and "expensive Quanyou", "Ya Quanyou" third class characteristic service, you can get the most for your investment products and services, enjoy your exclusive service!

 Founder Securities Quanyou through professional edition

Dynamic password safe

Founder Securities first introduced the dynamic password authentication, you are in the online trading account identity verification, based on the traditional "transaction account + password", increase the safety check of dynamic password, make your transactions more secure.

Dynamic token can be used Quanyou through online trading system, flush, Jinding version, perfect version of online business hall, telephone, mobile phone Quanyou stock transactions.

Lightning commissioned a victory

At any time in the sale of 5 stalls offer time on the click of a mouse, immediately out of the lightning client interface, automatically fill in the securities code, price and quantity, save the keyboard input, a "rat", "step by step for the" win "moment never missed opportunities.

Graphics orders, panoramic view

In charge of the information is automatically displayed in the timeshare market, and use different icons to represent the pen by different current state, operation more intuitive, more efficient. "B" means to pay, "S" said sell orders. Commissioned by the mouse to select the icon, double-click can chechan. (this function only, the customer has Quanyou permissions)

 Founder Securities Quanyou through professional edition

Update log

V6.51 update:

1. new national SME share transfer system commissioned

2. new three party depository single client banking.

3. new personalized home page, home page set according to custom software start page layout.

4. new experts online and the information desk, providing considerate service.

5. additional margin credit application, debt expiration reminder function.

6. of the added amount of subscription of new shares query.

7. new margin financing, margin financing, the amount of reference query.

8. new stocks through the five market and trading function.

9. new special financing business function.

10. new Shanghai network voting function.

11. new Shanghai cloud market.

12. new OTC business functions.

13. new cash management cache function.

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