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Need for speed 14 seven to modify the green version of V1.0 Need for speed 14 download | modifier Need for speed 14 seven modifications The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: Need for speed

Need for speed 14 Seven modifications Is a Need for speed 14 game editing tools, you can have A lot of games Auxiliary functions, automatic unlocking all vehicles, do not spend gold not spend time, perfect experience a variety of fun games, unlimited use of the skills of props, let you easily wins the game, interested friends to download it!

Software introduction:

Need for speed 14 modifier is the best series of games need for speed 14 hot pursuit 3 game modifications, with infinite life, infinite skills, skills and unlock various vehicles, there is an acceleration in the game make you invincible, let you experience the refreshing speed speed.

The corresponding version: (should support all version 1)

Need for speed 14 modifications to the characteristics:

1, the fragile enemy is open, except yourself vehicles are dying.

2, after unlocking all vehicles on all vehicles can be driven to use.

3, the current implementation million bonus points, corresponding increase in the currently selected item rewards.

4, unlimited use of skills, skills all props number is 99, unlimited use.

5, cooling immediately after opening, can not stop the use of skills, but the interface still has cool tips, do not care about.

6, the timer reset after opening, to take the time of the end point of 0, ranking the first automatic.

7, unlock skills after opening, all four skills all open.

Need for speed modifier function 14:

NUMPAD1 infinite life

NUMPAD2 infinite accelerator

NUMPAD3 - unlimited rewards (game)

NUMPAD4 - the vulnerability of the enemy

NUMPAD5 - Unlock all vehicles

NUMPAD6 - the million reward point

NUMPAD7 - no time penalty

END - the timer reset + victory

INSERT infinite skill

HOME - Unlock skills & immediate cooling

Usage method:

Open the 1, modify.

2, open the game, use the hotkey to modify.

Modify the interface to use:

1, close the open music, SFX can click the left mouse button. (the concert closed automatically after entering the game,)

2, modify the language selection, click the left mouse button text to flight.


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