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Pokemon GBA v2.0 official version of the strongest evolution Pokemon Mega version download | evolution The strongest Pokemon evolution GBA The score: 8

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Game label: Pokemon

Pokemon The strongest evolution Is a mega evolution version of Pokemon, you can easily experience the various types of Gema evolution of the elves, and Elves will play area comprehensive optimization, the urban pattern has been modified so that he is different from the original BGM, the landscaping, basically can modify the place was modified, visible in the author time spent a lot of time

Mega evolution wizard introduction

Mega dragon X/Ymega X/Ymega mewtwo venusaur Mega blastoise Mega flame chicken Mega swampert Mega Mega Mega Lizard King Hu Geng ghost Mega Mega Shanaiduo gallade Mega Mega mega steel snake slowbro needle bee Mega Mega Hera Cross Mega Mega Heilujia carved than the Qixi Festival Bluebird Mega fire camel Mega sharpedo Mega Mega Mega Boshikeduola absol split seat Mega Fierce bite Land Shark Mega Bangui Mega Mega Mega's gold giant salamander storm Luca Leo Mega lightning beast Mega bursts of carp

The original Groudon original Gaiouka and round a land shark, an armor mewtwo Leo Road

The golden finger

Wall: C518E2595ADBAF5B

Master ball: 03005E12:0001

The magic candy: 03005E12:004


1, the elves increased second characteristics, such as: small dragon, mewtwo, and characteristics of some animal according to the previous version adjustment, MEGA Name: Mxxx elf most uniform

2, evolution: the previous version, all use stones to Japan, the evolution of ELF Moonstone evolution, the evolution of the elves are reliable communication upgrade Evolution, are generally 36.

3, this version of the limit adjustment in difficulty

4, about BGM: land and sea cave cave BGM to sunshine, rain, and part of the designated BGM sprite has been changed, we must open the sound play Oh

5, the three animal of war and take on an altogether new aspect, the difficulty difficult to capture

6 other aspects: the static water city can buy great ball and the magic candy, the price is too expensive, you can also buy the sun and the moon stone stone, green ridge, increase the skill machine purchase, this version can capture 386

7 of all, already perfect, stone has good distribution of evolution, and set the number, does not appear to get unlimited, this version of MEGA will be very rare, I also added later can buy, but the price is more expensive.

8, the stone props:: Omega Stone, Alfa stone, stone x\y Mega

9, the effect on retention of skills: versions of the new elements added [] most impact by hundreds of millions of elves learned to upgrade

Still can learn skills 10, elf MEGA evolved, and the elves can learn more powerful skills than the original

Special instructions

Sableye, vacancy is covered, moved to the Sableye there will crash when you open a picture, then I used to import the Sableye address space of decisive repair problem, but there are still BUG: when using the Sableye will crash, so here I want to warn: we can catch the Sableye. But do not use sableye! Remember!!!


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The second floor Shaanxi Hanzhoung Shaanxi Aviation Vocational College guest users Published: 2017/7/22 18:53:44
Pokemon Mega played ten years ago, suddenly think of it, and play it again to remember......

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First, Hunan Huaihua telecom users guests Published: 2016/4/24 8:52:57
Fun is not poisonous

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