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Fast game free v4.9.5.7550 latest official version Fast download the official 2017| game box Quick game free The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Quick game box 2017 It is a fast game net official client game, a multifunctional management platform. There are rich game resources, completely free, one click download to your computer, there are all kinds of Game information And let you enjoy the fun of the game. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Fast. Game box introduce

Quick game box is a one-stop game information, download, social networking platform to provide users with tens of thousands of Single game And online games, web games and games, download, install, fully solve the problem of computer games, easy fast, green non-toxic, allowing users to enjoy the fun of the game.

Game box

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Quick game box features

The new game management experience

The management of user computer in all stand-alone and network games, to provide a safe and convenient desktop games for users.

Game security

All the recommended games are seven authority via the soft kill 360 security guards Easy to avoid detection, network virus risk, guarantee the safety.

Game information

Most of the game, the latest games, the most abundant game picture, convenient for users to control each game.

Quick game box function

Massive game

The built-in mass games, either stand-alone games, online games and Flash games, tens of thousands of games.

A key installation

Just click to download, installation can be realized, the whole process of one step, easy game

Download speed

It adopts fast game Thunder The core of P2P technology, lightning download speed, no longer have to wait

Safe and non-toxic

Multiple detection, strict detoxification, ensure that all games are no plug-ins, bid farewell to the virus trouble

The game keeper

All the computer game easy management, a key scanning Easy loading, easy to manage.

Intelligent detection

Automatic detection and repair of the game required hardware and software environment, to create a first-class gaming experience

Using the tutorial

Fast playing game The box directly after installation point to find the game, find your own game, the game types are stand-alone games, web games, online games, games and Android game.

 Fast download the official game box

Web games do not need to download, online game play directly on the inside of the box

 Quick game

Android game can be downloaded to a computer or mobile phone

 Quick game box

Installation instructions

Software is bundled, pay attention to check.

 Quick game box

Update log

V4.0.5.6959 update:

1. improved QQ user login, automatic login function;

2. improved game configuration support for win10 detection;

3. other repair problems.


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The first floor Jiangsu Taizhou Taizhou College of Nanjing Normal University guest users Published: 2017/6/29 19:19:05
Many of the classic stand-alone game! Recently, Legend of Sword and Fairy CS1.6 download in the play, all my love of the game, thanks for sharing!

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