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Software introduction

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Flash simplified Chinese version of CS3 is a great God made optimized version of perfect Chinese into Chinese, and compression of the installation package size is only 50M, very concise, compact and convenient, full-featured, quickly download experience!

 Flash CS3 Chinese simplified version download

Adobe Flash CS3 features

Flash CS3 Hold-all Will be like Photoshop CS3 as a scalable single double row (the icon above was changed to Adobe style), the panel can shrink to a refined palette Beauty The title bar icon, translucent, can be freely telescopic. ( Fireworks CS3 and Dreamweaver The CS3 beta version did not see this, so the official version of the two software should be very different).

- improved pen tool, similar Illustrator The corresponding tool. This is my hands support, before Flash's pen or some simple functions, so that the cartoon, I prefer to change based on various shapes, instead of painting.

Flash CS3 interface will be very convenient to switch in the "layout" and "programming layout".

Can directly draw ring. Four corners rounded rectangle can be adjusted individually, a bit like automatic shape properties Fireworks.

- property panel can monitor your draw the original shape is round, oval or square, as previously shown for the shape of reunification.

Can more perfect import illustrator AI vector file, should be able to retain all the features, including accurate color, shape, style and path!

And can be directly into the hierarchical Photoshop PSD file, and may determine which layer need to be imported. Layers can also be retained on the group, style, and intelligent mask filter path editing. Import options include location and size, whether to retain the original layer content is maintained, whether the hierarchical state PSD layer into film clips, whether the instance name, and Choice The position of the reference point, individually for each layer of the JPG optimization and so on. Whether to be able to maintain the editable text layer, it is not completely determined.

Flash CS3 function

The use of 1. time axis , frames and key frames, the frame and key frame in the operation in the timeline panel.

2. create and manage project: add media material in the library, use the library [] library project operation panel.

3.: import the file into an image file, placing the illustrations in Flash, import the Al graphics files, copy graphics files between Illustrator and Flash, PSD image using Photoshop, import bitmap.

The 4. time axis and film nesting, using multiple scenarios.

5. text animation functions: add text to stage, setting text attributes, create dynamic text and input text, text, text, object aliasing separation and sharing operations such as font embedding

6. vector and bitmap. Flash CS3: the drawing mode, selection and combination of objects, using Flash CS3 drawing tools (pencil \ \ \ \ linear rectangular elliptic polygon \ \ \ star brush using the pen tool drawing).

7. element operation: create a component \ will be on stage animation into film clips, the use of library resources, use the button element.

8. to operate like: move, copy and delete, graphic object arrangement, object deformation.

9.: create animation key frame animation, create frame by frame animation, using time effects, making animation etc..

10.: the application of projection effects filter filters, filter, blur Light, filter, Fireworks filter, bevelfilter gradient glow and mixed mode filter, gradient filter, adjust the angle of color filters, Flash CS3 support.

11. voice and video control: the use of sound, in the animation using sound in Flash, add a sound, sound and animation in the timeline panel in synchronization, to add the button to edit sound, sound, sound is derived.

12. applications: Flash CS3 video playback video, video encoding, video using ActionScript

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