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Software introduction

Software label: Hp1020 Printer driver HP

Hp1020 Printer driver Is designed for HP LaserJet1020Plus laser printer to create driver installation program. When the printer cannot print, appear connected to the computer, try to install the driver, can be solved. There is a need to download it quickly!

HP introduced 1020

HP 1020 HPLaserJet1020Plus laser printer, HP 1020 is composed of black and white laser printer Hewlett-Packard Co production of a A4 format, this machine as a production machine in 2010 years to resume production.

 Hp1020 printer driver download

Basic parameters

Standard input tray capacity 150 page, single page multi-purpose input slot

The standard output tray capacity 100.

Monthly print load 5000 pages per month

USB 2 high speed interface

Accessory box cover

The print server does not support


The weight of the product is 5kg

This supplies

HP 2612A

The design of cartridge

Color: Black

Print volume: 2000 pages

Particle size: super fine powder

HP LaserJet 10101012101510181020 suitable for Plus, 30503050Z, 305230551319f, P3005, P3005d, P3005dn,

Applicable scope

Monthly print volume less than 5000 a small office network

You need to reinstall the driver

HP1020 printer, in each entry XP or power off the printer were prompted to re open after the installation of equipment, there is an error the printer driver is unknown, prompted the closure after printing. But sometimes a few pages of print after print prompt error, need to close (RE) printer before you can print sharing several times, too, sometimes you can print sometimes can not print. Sometimes the point of the "print" after the printer without reflection.

Error or because of the possible installation of problem driven, it is recommended that you install the drive before the computer restarts, and then not open any software, turn off the computer in Anti-virus software and firewall Please do not link, USB data cable before installing, then install the driver!

Software screenshot

Download address

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