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DirectX 11 32&64 full version The latest version of the official DX11 | DirectX 11 32&64 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Directx11 DirectX

DirectX Eleven Is the official Microsoft developed a multimedia programming interface software, fully applicable to all major operating system, the unique five characteristics to improve user efficiency. Welcome to download the green resources!

DirectX 11 official introduction

Win7 provides DirectX 11, and Vista by upgrade DirectX driver package to support 11. In 7 Microsoft released Windows beta, some have installed users found DirectX 11 has been included. DirectX 11 3D as a graphical interface, not only support the future of the DX11 hardware, but also downward compatible with the current DirectX 10 and 10.1 hardware. DirectX 11 adds new shader computing technology, can allow GPU engaged in general more computational effort, and not just the 3D operation, it will encourage developers to better use GPU as a parallel processor.

 DirectX 11 official version

DirectX 11 software features

1, Compute Shader.

2, Tessellation mosaic technology

3, multi threading support

4, Direct3D11 pipeline

5, improved texture compression

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