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CF is a free version of v08.04 Cross Fire. CF download the |. CF Cross Fire releasing device The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: Cross Fire

CF is released through the FireWire is a let you can lift the application with the account restrictions, there are often some players in the game using a variety of props which led to the Tencent's official title, this magical moment can make your account closed, unrestricted release games, all games of perfect information and original, compact and convenient like to download it!

Software introduction:

CF game is the most popular game, in order to stimulate the pursuit of a lot of game player in the game using a variety of tools, so many people are in the official account title hit, Cross Fire deblocking device (CF deblocking filter) is a real CF second releasing software, through the use of tools to quickly the account was closed, very convenient.

The software function:

Cross Fire releasing tools have what use?

Powerful software does not change the game state, does not appear to be clear before the props, the game all the information and the account was closed completely consistent. Small unsealing device, automatic software updates, easy to understand, one year, no matter how long the account was closed permanently, "one click fix".

The Cross Fire how down?

You can call the customer service, and how you banned? If the plugin is basically no hope

Wrong letters can call customer service, he said to you, what is the letter B. UG The 180 letter is very common.


How to use the tools Cross Fire.

CF Cross Fire method is used.

Unzip and run software 1.

2. first enter the account.


Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The first floor of the Anhui Tietong (full general) guest users Published: 2017/9/8 18:47:26
Open perspective, was sealed, releasing a success, thank you for sharing this artifact!

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