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QQ five stroke input method of computer version of the v2.0.313.400 version of the official installation Download 2018| QQ five stroke input method QQ computer version of the five stroke input method The score: 8

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Software introduction

QQ Five stroke input method Pure version The best way to bring all kinds of input, with the new thesaurus, real-time update of hot word replacement, has all kinds of input effect is more focused, let you feel the best input visual experience, be able to set the skin!

QQ five pen Typewriting introduce

Learn the QQ Pinyin advantages and experience, combined with the characteristics of the five pen input, focus on usability, stability and compatibility, smoothly switch the input style, while the introduction of classification thesaurus, network synchronization, skin and other personalized functions. Let five users not only feel more smooth, more efficient typing in the input, the interface is more beautiful, more likely to enjoy the pleasure of writing.

 QQ five stroke input method download 2018

QQ five stroke input method of the latest features:

1. support for dynamic skin
Set the panel 2. Optimization: simple and complex switch, typing Statistics Bring up more quickly
3. personalized services: input automatically to the words of this difficult words, learning can be derived
4. independent handwriting board: chaizi killed at any time to view five pen encoding
5. add fresh words: common website, product, network language.
6. optimization of traditional Thesaurus

QQ five stroke input method features

Thesaurus open, provide thesaurus management tools, the user can easily replace the thesaurus system.
The input speed, small footprint, let five pen input more smoothly.
High compatibility, more stable, compatibility testing professional, let QQ five pen performance more stable.
A lot of beautiful skin, provide beautiful skin, make the writing more enjoyable.

How to switch QQ five stroke input method

Method: after the success of the software installation, the mouse click "language bar" Popup input list to switch to use, Choice "QQ five stroke input method" to start using "QQ five stroke input method".
Method two: when the system is only five QQ a pen input method, or during the installation process, "QQ five stroke input method" is set as the default Chinese input method, can use the "Ctrl+Space" switch QQ five stroke input method.
Methods: using the shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift" switch input method available, finally selected "QQ Wubi input method".

Software screenshot

Download address

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