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The Tencent video version of v6.7.0 iPhone version of Apple's mobile phone Tencent IOS video download free version of the official | The apple version of mobile phone video Tencent The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Video Tencent The official version of IOS The Tencent Inc is designed for Apple mobile phone users to create Video player Here, the client, users can watch free movies, television dramas, massive animation variety; ultimate screen, enjoy cinematic viewing experience! You can experience the wonderful video different every day! Hurry to download it green resources network.

The video features Apple version of Tencent

Cache video

Don't worry about the network and traffic, download, watch.

Speed HD

The clarity and fluency of the industry's extreme, to bring you a super cool audio-visual experience.

Multi platform interaction

Mobile phone remote control, TV screen, viewing more shocking.

Video cloud service

I continue to see the video on a mobile phone in the home computer company.

 The apple version of mobile phone video Tencent

Tencent IOS video version features

1. support online watch, watch video offline caching.

2. supported by channel recommendation, watch history, join, search function to quickly find the video to see.

3. support DLNA, AirPlay investment to watch tv.

4. online watch the concert live, interactive, send props.

The opening of the 5. video Tencent VIP members enjoy blockbuster cinema.

6. support WeChat QQ login, video Tencent.

In the 7. film and television, Rice and vegetable roll Share video pictures, Graffiti , Small video .

8. to build my theater, personalized recommendation area.

Column introduction

Let me go north star variety: the nose, we love our companion line, I love the two dimension, youth, energy and laughter, the legendary king of cross-border music master class, fishing, poetry and Chinese songs, waiting for my life, home renovation......

Large collection of tv: Surgical situation, Dragonball The fox, in the summer of 2, a proposal to fight, Datang glory 2, Missing the Beauty , The workplace Is a technology live, Oswalt, the name of the people, the expedition! The expedition!......

The film library: Article v West demon The battle, God of cookery, Kung Fu yoga, make India, and ride the wind and waves have finished, comedy, joy kidnappers, a dog's mission, Assassin's creed, Lego Batman The movie, beauty and the beast, good sound, Bissell 3: the ultimate return, Resident Evil: the final chapter,......

Documentary: Second Chinese New Year season, planet earth, Mars era......

American TV Series Giggs: The bounty hunter, go through thick and thin together the power of the game, the western world, Flash Bankruptcy sisters, vampire diaries, counter......

Hit the country man: Super school The soldier put my brother away, even faster, Optional day in mind , A sky The tomb of king, 2, Wu Geng ji......

Fashion life: Huang Xiaochu's four seasons, MOE to A coffee, fashion, mod, natural skin expert, complaining of music......

Entertainment: The so-called entertainment, Idol With rice......

Update log

V5.6.3 update:

1. star barrage, watch chat with high

2. album list support continuous playback speed

Software screenshot

Download address

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