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2018 Cross Fire king Mobile Games v1.0.50.260 official version of the Android Shootout Cross Fire shooting king to download the latest version of | 2018 Cross Fire king Mobile Games Shootout The users score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Cross Fire gun King The new version of 2018 Tencent to build the Cross Fire official CF genuine FPS Mobile Games Today, the official beta, the game play the same authentic shooting experience can be carefree in the mobile phone, whenever and wherever possible. Cross Fire shooting King rich PVP mode lets you play tired: original group competition, blasting, biochemical, and position mode, single breakthrough play mode, let you experience the fun in the process of multiple confrontation with other game player and the more exciting! To grab the experience.

The king Cross Fire Shootout

As the Cross Fire developer Smilegate and South Korea Tencent game The orthodox CF mobile terminal products to create a joint, "Cross Fire:" gun king from the view of the world, play mode, operation rules and other aspects of the original essence of perfect inheritance. Is still the guardian and the lurking struggle throughout; still have blasting mode, individual sports, team sports and classic games; the left hand control game player is still moving, right hand control aiming and shooting mode of operation; these familiar elements will make a perfect continuation of the dream of hundreds of millions of game player to the mobile terminal.

 Download the latest version of the King through the FireWire gun installation

Through the integration of these have been widely recognized by the classic game player, CF FPS Mobile Games official genuine quality is guaranteed, ultra high-definition screen texture plus the last generation engine brought great efforts, developers for the mobile phone terminal adaptation and optimization, means "King": Cross Fire shootout users can bring as much as PC the end of the Shooting game Experience.

On the other hand, according to the Mobile game The characteristics of "Cross Fire:" in the first test shoot king also launched a mobile terminal unique story checkpoints and positional warfare mode, the former is based on Cross Fire PC end view of the world as the background, game player plays a special force hero, and his comrades together against the biochemical monster, started to save the world Journey The latter is designed for mobile phone terminal; the more light, more easy to use the mode of operation, the center of the map is an uncrossable trench, and latent and defenders in the trenches two long distance precise to kill the enemy, to experience the thrill kill at the same time, also familiar with the mobile phone terminal operating convenient game player. These unique content for the launch, but also no doubt that the 9 month 21 days of the first test is looking forward to!

Cross Fire shootout king Mobile Games features

1.: "Cross Fire king" shootout perfect inherited PC and the quality of play, but also the operation according to the characteristics of mobile phone terminal, is used for shooting habit adaptation and game player customized optimization, game player can make shooting game fun and enjoy the real pleasure in the mobile phone, the three hundred million Mouse a continuation of the dream to the mobile phone.

2.: "Cross Fire king" shootout with the end of the tour line, the end of the tour to retain the original play and feel. In view of the world, the same as the main defenders and lurks in the struggle; play mode, perfect engraved blasting mode, individual sports, team sports, special warfare classic gameplay, but also according to the characteristics of Mobile Games, launched a special plot, challenges of moving single pass through the end of unique gameplay.

3. "Cross Fire:" the king of gun double rocker operation, the left hand control role of movement, the right hand control aiming and shooting, moving the joystick can make quick and accurate game player. At the same time, Mobile Games using the next generation engine, the screen texture has reached a new height. Mobile Games, ultra high definition screen experience more gorgeous shock let the game play personally on the scene.

official declaration

Dear game player:

Cross Fire genuine FPS Mobile Games is expected to open the first test to grab the code at 12:00, and simultaneously start the game download and test, draw first test qualification game player game as soon as possible please login account activation, daily active users, welcome to experience the game player.

Cross Fire genuine FPS Mobile Games first test currently only supports Android mobile phone. I wish you a happy game. Grab the number. : Http://cfm.qq.com/index.shtml 

To update the content

1. new challenges: Zombie frenzy, destroy the zombie attack and mass, enhance the blood, kill boss obtained the best weapons drop

2. new map: Pyramid (group, competitive) border city (Group competing), loading area (single point blasting), tunnel of death (Dao Zhan), variety (hide), mall death Cross (annihilation)

3. new games in the real-time voice function

4. store shelves props: M60-A, AA12, diamond M14EBR- camouflage, military shovel, 4 backpack, small horn etc.

5. new challenges: The Magic Dragon Necklace (Exclusive Jewelry Mall) and Dragon Necklace (King packs)

6. new concept of burst mode to open the room and watch station system (OB system)

Mobile Games.

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