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Software introduction

Baidu Browser 2018 mobile phone version Is the Baidu Inc launched a multi function Mobile phone browser , with massive video, novels download, can also watch online; and the latest news, hot day knew. Quickly download experience!

Baidu browser App

Baidu browser version of Baidu mobile phone is developed, as mobile phone Internet users browse a tailored products. The space bear image, in June 15, 2011 officially launched the beta UI interface, fashionable appearance, strong power to provide core speed, super intelligent search, integration of Baidu services, provide users with more convenient, practical and interesting "mobile phone browsing experience.

 Baidu mobile phone browser to download app

Baidu mobile phone browser features

[hey fun star] brain hole wide open wonderful stories, biubiu spit non-stop barrage! Funny than the Reds have settled, fresh taste continues to run, "topic make complaints about graphic concurrency, focus, you create!

[theme] Xpress theme, more rich more luxurious star, can also upload a custom, I decide my skin! Individuality, style diversity!

[] listen to not automatically read novels, Novel Easy listening, release your hands and eyes, the shelf cloud synchronization, save time, make it more interesting to read!

[ information Understand you] page information carefully selected, the current hot spots in one hand, subscribe to your interest, personalized content!

[Video] stop playing video column turned gorgeous, use the experience of silence! Thousands of resource aggregation, HD ad free play, make you look cool!

Baidu browser version of mobile phone function

Reading novels

Has the most comprehensive thermal novel, comparable to the native app reading exquisite reading experience, big coffee recommendation, special, authoritative list, can be the best novel offline fancier Choice .

Information aggregation

With the massive resources [Topic] the first subscription, subversion of the traditional browsing experience, with innovative and interactive quality [content] leading the latest visit era polymerization. The current hot spots, hand grasp.

Voice search

Search input in the hands, more simple operation, more convenient to browse.

Share a key

Convenient screenshot function and sharing features, allowing you to easily share a key to the current page content, support various social networking platform, do not miss the wonderful moments.

Massive video

The whole network has the latest video resources, film and television drama friends, enjoy the wonderful content of massive unbounded, super clear visual feast.


The filtration mechanism of optimizing the browser, to intercept the target accurately and effectively, to intercept more ads, enjoy the fun free Internet effect.

Update log

V7.18.21.0 update:

To improve the stability, repair the known issues

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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First, Shanxi Jinzhong telecom users guests Published: 2014/9/27 13:34:30
The speed is also good, the optimization of website is very good, and the provincial traffic patterns, support

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