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CS CS1.6 Chinese stand-alone version of the hard disk installation CS1.6 Chinese | download version of the official CS CS1.6 Chinese single version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Counter Strike CS1.6 Chinese version The most classic. Shooting game One of the many game player have played, timeless classic, Xiao Bian did not do too much. Here, the green resources network will bring the stand-alone version of Chinese, love friends, hurry to download it!

The game is introduced

"Counter Strike CS1.6" (Counter-Strike, referred to as CS) is a Valve Software company developed a first person shooter game. On September 9, 2003 formally issued, which belongs to the "half life" (Half-Life) one game module (MOD) derived from the game.

Role description

Counter Strike

Six team Seal Team 6 U.S. Navy Seals (seal team 6);

German GSG-9 in the ninth German border anti terrorist Brigade (German GSG-9);

UK Special Air Service, the British Royal Air Force special air service (SAS);

French GIGN gign. (French GIGN)


Phoenix Connexion Eastern phoenix international drug trafficking organizations; (Phoenix)

L337 Krew South America Special assassination teams (L337 Krugman);

Arctic Avengers Arctic Avengers terrorists (Nordic Avenger);

Guerilla Warfare guerilla warfare. (Viper)

Game keys

B: open the buy menu, then press the number keys or mouse click to buy with guns or equipment.

O: open the menu after the purchase of equipment, can press the number keys to buy or use the mouse to click on the equipment.

Buy: Master, weapons and ammunition, a clip of A.

. Buy: Deputy weapon (pistol) ammunition, a clip of A.

M: change your team, change the team, in the middle of the game will be changed again after the death of death, suggestions.

G: the existing gun dropped, to pick up the gun on the ground to the existing hand gun away.

Z: Radio (call, ask), a radio call, ask the team type.

X: Radio (a radio command team), both team instruction type.

C: Radio (report and answer), a radio report, for the type of answer.

N: on / off night vision, night vision after purchase press this button to switch.

W (arrow): forward, hold, keep moving.

A: hold the left translation, has left translation.

D: right, hold the right translation is always.

S (down): back, hold it straight back.

CTRL: squat, squat in action, no sound, but the speed is slow.

Space (space): jump, jump and squat to jump higher.

Mouse1 (left mouse button) (Enter): hold fire, has been fired, the bomb is the key.

Mouse2 (right mouse button): special weapons, some weapons have special functions (such as muffler, sight, a handgun and explosion fire mode, is one of three shots), is realized by the keys

R: magazines, invalid full bomb (whenever there is no enemy best loaded).

T: spray paint, spray on their own set of LOGO.

E: used to command the hostages, open, the bomb is the key.

SHIFT: press this button after the walk, walk slowly but no sound.

F: open and close the flashlight, in a dark place for lighting, there is a time limit, the use will become card.

1: the use of the main weapon, is usually used to combat the use of major weapons

2: the use of secondary weapons, also is a gun.

3: use the knife, this weapon can not be discarded.

4: grenade weapons, can each buy a grenade, a flash bomb can buy two.

TAB: all game player view server (ID, PING, data in homicide, death).

I: display task, press the space can be cancelled.

Y: talk to all the people, all the people to enter it in the server can see

U: the team mate, only a teammate can see what you say.

F5: screenshots, screenshots path in X/cstrike/.

Esc: enter the initial game menu, can change the settings such as.

Q: the last used weapons, kept by the weapon never stopped being used. That used to use this key.

H: server menu.

To view: rotate right, different from D.

Study: from the perspective of left rotation, unlike A.

Specific keys can see your CS settings, here is the default keys, for reference only. If there are different, with their own CS settings for.


  CS1.6 Chinese version

  CS1.6 Chinese version

  CS1.6 Chinese version

Xiaobian help

In order to help you to experience more about CS1.6, the station also offers a variety of CS1.6 map, plug-in, Download model.

CS1.6 weapon model daquan: Http://www.137844.xyz/k/cs16wqmx/

CS1.6 map: Http://www.137844.xyz/k/cs16map/

The CS1.6 plugin Complete works of: Http://www.137844.xyz/k/cs16chajian/

Figure CS1.6 model Complete works of: Http://www.137844.xyz/k/cs16rwmx/

CS1.6 V3798 [pure and free of advertising without any logo] clean install multi language version
May be used Chinese hard disk version of the CS
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