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Software introduction

Thunder Look at the xlmv converter Is a good use of the intelligent Video player Conversion tools, support multiple format conversion intelligent playback, intelligent HD playback screen fast decoding. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Thunder KanKan Xlmv converter is introduced

With love Thunder KanKan Enjoy the movie friends should have heard of it?

Thunder digital mall launched a high-definition movie!!! It is charging...

Downloaded from the digital mall movie is xlmv format, can not play with ordinary players. Thunder KanKan play and charge.

How to do it

This Thunder KanKan xlmv converter allows you to see high-definition movie free wish!

 Xlmv jailbreak tool download

Xlmv tool instructions

To download a XLMV HD movie from the digital mall (free download)

Then extract the program... The compression bag is XLMVCrack.exe (single program file) XLMVMass.exe (file batch program) two tools

Open the XLMV file converter found, then start, according to Dialog box The cue point Y determine the conversion.

Soon the conversion was successful! Conversion finished file in the source file directory, careful not to delete the wrong.

Well, your xlmv free?

Download this xlmv tool!!!

Fourth edition updates:

The fourth edition of the official 8/19 XLMV update Decoder 64, you can try to install the system

Win7 32 test available, but please use the administrator privileges

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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