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The Elder Scrolls 5nmm offline Chinese version v0.63.5 the latest version of Chinese NMM offline version | The Elder Scrolls 5nmm offline version The score: 8

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NMM (Nexus Mod Manager offline Chinese version) Is a network of small as we bring the latest NMM Chinese version download, Nexus Mod Manager is a The mod manager of open source, many users will use his own mod management, installation, Update and manage Nexus site resources are very convenient, Here will provide you with the offline NMM Chinese version download NMM release, though not a very long time, but on the one hand depends on the Nexus website promotion, on the other hand the refreshing interface, simple operation, it quickly became one of the most popular MOD management tool, I hope you love.

The main characteristics of NMM Chinese version

NMM itself is a test version, and this is the finished version of the test, so we can not guarantee the availability, but can not guarantee that there is not any B UG , but can not guarantee the presence of the virus, does not contain malicious programs;

The system problem caused by NMM I will not charge, if you do not agree with this, you can not use;

NMM using the GPL protocol, GPL protocol in addition to "out of the question to find the original author, you need to be responsible for their own, there are many restrictions, such as I must have finished open source program...... If you really need the source code, please refer to this article;

Oblivion game player don't use NMM, although this video tutorial is recorded in the Oblivion, but NMM's support for Oblivion is very bad...... Some OMOD cannot be installed or even forced to close the program.

FAQ NMM offline Chinese version

Question: Nexus Mod Manager was unable to work out of a window that has been generated in the debug log......"! What should I do?

Processing: the debug log is not wrong, but NMM stopped generate debugging information. You can usually see NMM where the problem in the debugging information, why not work.

The debug log usually put in my documents /Nexus Mod Manager directory (you can find the window in the above mentioned specific location), and then read the debug log to see themselves, if not, please send to forum To help other people.

Question 1: use NMM to download mod file that does not exist, how is it?

To solve this problem: 1 relatively rare, usually occurs in the mod just uploaded soon, you need to have some time to download.

Question 2: open the NMM, install the latest version of the show "", how is it?

2: the program has just started, NMM would like to send the Nexus server request to check your installation package updates. The server every 15 to 60 minutes will be an update / synchronization, in this period of time, the server will not be able to retrieve the information of your installation package, numerical and may return invalid to NMM. However, NMM does not know when the server has stopped or do not know the retrieval request return value is not available (MOD name error or link error).

Say simply, is the Nexus server is not working properly, resulting in NMM did not work properly.

Meet situation you can wait for the Nexus server to work properly, it usually takes 1 minutes, 15 minutes or longer, or even, you need to restart NMM.

Similarly, download the MOD you will also encounter this problem this time.

Question: try to log on to NMM, but the display login information is not available".

The following treatment: easy to encounter this problem

Nexus is unable to access the network, you can try Browser Whether you can browse;

Your account is not activated, please activate the account login again;

The input character is not standardized, not to say "can login =NMM can log in, want NMM can also log in, you need to ensure that the user name and password are enough standard, detailed point:

Must be English letters and numbers (use case);

Do not use non English characters, such as C or Chinese character?;

Do not use Special symbols Such as, & #, etc.;

Do not use spaces or dashes, underscores;

At least 6 characters.

There is a possibility: the password box does not display your password. For example, your password is ASDFGHJ, but he could only display tiananmen. Don't think you lose out at this time and then added, if you really feel lost missing, then re-enter it again.

In addition, don't appear in front of a user name or password. A space is such a stupid mistake.

NMM use

First of all, you need to download a new version of the NMM offline version, I now use the nmm0.51 version, English. A Chinese version of Internet, new Chinese version is the magic of the ice of the big 0.46.

 NMM offline version

Install the NMM offline Chinese version, the software will search the game, then in order to facilitate the search, as long as the Elder Scrolls 5, you can turn off the other search, as shown below, skyrim * other tick, directly, and then determine the installation.

 The Elder Scrolls 5nmm offline Chinese version download

After installation, Choice Offline mode, the option is in the middle. 0.51, do not choose, will directly open. The main page is as follows, the first part is used to mount the mod plug-in, and adjust the order of the mod (because the mount different mod, need to take care of their order, otherwise easy to cause the game out.) Second, is used to load the mod installation package, classification management and installation can be achieved mod (this is the benefits of NMM, easy management)

 NMM offline Chinese version download

 The Elder Scrolls 5nmm offline version

Click the left button first, then find MOD, loaded into the page. Then it can be classified, easy to manage. Set the classification of words is the left column second last button. (Ps. after loading the mod, you can delete the mod, because the mod NMM has been placed in its own folder, you can open from the button bar.)

 The latest NMM offline version

After loading the MOD, is not already installed. You need to double click on the mod, then NMM will be installed. Uninstall uninstall is. After the installation of the mod, the front will display a green checkmark.

 NMM offline Chinese version download

Some MOD will be asked to mount the ESP or ESM file, then we need to switch to the first plug-in part, right in front of the file. The NMM default mod file in the setup, automatic checking. This relates to the problem of sorting, mod once more, may make the conflict, we will sort. Here I do not recommend yourself to sort, but recommended a piece of automatic sorting software boss2.30. You can download from the internet.

 The Elder Scrolls 5nmm

When making their own all want to play on the mod, you can through the upper left corner of the "launch skyrim" button to enter the game. If the game jump out, it can only be sorted by the ESP file, or uninstall some mod solution. I was w.a.t.e.r mod will lead out, and helpless abandon it.

 NMM offline version

When mod, successfully entered the game, then you can enjoy it to bring you pleasure!

I posted a few games in the picture. Which contains the wings mod, independent mod mod heels, entourage, clothing mod, mod mod and other weapons, dance.

 NMM Download

 NMM offline Chinese version download

 NMM offline version

About NMM other functions, it is not commonly used, this is not much description.

To update the content

Bug repair: repair NMM save HTML file name encoding.

Version 0.52.2

Bug fix: remove unnecessary server.

Bug repair: repair member cannot select the CDN server is not available when.

Bug repair: repair the file name URL encoding.


Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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