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Software introduction

Software label: Access Database software

Microsoft Office Access Green version Is one of only a dozen m software, compact, full-featured, versatile, powerful data processing ability, all kinds of summary Statistics Very convenient, need friends to download it quickly!

Software introduction

I have office disk copy on the computer to install several minutes when used on the Internet for a long N access green version, are not found. So, I made a very successful, in 2000, and the XP system can be used I think is a classic Dongdong, I it has been carved into a disk, free lost (making hard ah). Words speak a lot. Perform the installation.Bat directory you can download, if you are prompted to import the registry, point to determine it, never mind, it was finished.

 Access green version

Access function introduction


The "start" in the area including view, Clipboard , font, text format, recording, sorting and filtering, search, Chinese convert 8 packets, users can "start" in the area of Access2007 operations such as copy and paste data, modify the font and font size, sorting data etc..


The "create" functional areas including tables, forms, reports, and other Special symbols 5 groups, "including the creation of" functional area command is mainly used for a variety of elements to create Access2007.

External data

External data functional areas including import and export, data collection, SharePoint list of 4 groups, in the external data in the area mainly on the outside of the Access2007 data processing.

data base tool

"Database" functional areas including macro, show / hide, analysis, mobile data, database tools 5 groups, mainly for the more advanced database for Access2007.

Special note

Run the installation.Bat OK

The error do not manage it, as in

The use of the software under what circumstances?

When you want to use Access and do not want it to install a office in the Internet time

When you feel curious to play the time, ha ha, is purely learning objective

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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