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Firefox 2014 v37.0.2 official version of Firefox browser Firefox 2014 download | Firefox browser Firefox 2014 The score: 8

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Firefox Browser Two thousand and fourteen Is a very good page browser, provides a powerful support for browsing, automatically blocking ads, online search speed, a variety of search engines as you Choice , come to download network using green resources!

Firefox Introduced the 2014 Edition

Mozilla Firefox, Chinese name is usually called "Firefox" or "Firefox", is an open source web browser, use the Gecko engine (IE kernel), support a variety of operating system such as Windows, Mac and linux. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation's Mozilla company with many volunteers. Firefox took the core small and fine, and allows the user to add various extensions according to individual needs to complete more and more personalized features. Firefox use open source web publishing engine Gecko, Gecko browser can make as much as possible to display the page content according to the standard.

 Firefox 2014

The Firefox browser 2014 function

1, a custom toolbar;

2, can disable the pop-up window;

The search characteristics of 3, better;

4, extended management;

5, tabbed browsing, makes surfing the Internet faster;

6, fast and convenient sidebar.

To update the content

Windows: OMTC enabled by default

Sandboxed OpenH264 support

Improved address bar search experience

Smaller and faster JavaScript string

In the about:home and about:newtab search page

The new CSP implementation

Support proxy connection through HTTP HTTPS

Improve the reliability of a recovery session function

Remove the window.crypto attribute / private function

Remove JSD, recommend the use of Deb UG Ger interface

To achieve the DOMMatrix

The CSS3 @counter-style rules

Developer tools: Cubic-bezier curve editor

Developer tools: view the elements of the event listener

Developer tools: display a shortcut to each of the @media rules in the sidebar

Developer tools: highlight browser content redraw

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The first floor Jiangsu Yancheng Mingda Vocational and Technical College guest users Published: 2014/10/17 18:12:40
Is the Firefox browser with some good, much faster.

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