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Memory card format tool v4.25 green edition Chinese  Memory card format tool The score: 8

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Software introduction

Memory card format tool is suitable for mobile phone memory formatting tools, mobile phone USB after connected to the computer can be a key to format the memory card, support custom memory cleanup virus, welcome to download the green resources!

Memory card format tool introduction

Mobile phone memory card tools, this is a low-level formatting tools used to format the memory card, mobile phone is very convenient, you can also format the hard disk, U disk and other storage media, must choose on their own memory card. Wrong but will put all the data are got rid of the computer.

 The latest version of the memory card format tool


1, from the green resources network download and unpack, insert a memory card reader;

2, Choice The correct memory card drive, this is very important, usually the hard disk space than the memory card, such as the following figure is a hard disk drive.

3, finally, click "next" button, according to the prompts.

4, note: do not mistake, otherwise it will put all the data you have got rid of the computer.

Software screenshot

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