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Youku video version of the latest version of apple v7.6.9 iPhone Youku IOS download | Youku video version of apple The score: 8

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Software introduction

Mobile phone Youku Video IOS client Is a set of film, television, animation, music, news, entertainment and other functions of the mobile phone video player software, here has the massive fine drama, variety, movies and so on everything, Youku video you see the video iPhone version is preferred, welcome to green resources under the net load experience!

Youku IOS version introduction

Look at the world as Youku App. Fruit son Youku, created for iOS, the exclusive online video you HD player !

The convergence of the whole network of massive video Youku, comprehensive coverage of high-definition TV shows, movies, variety, animation, music, hot information etc.. Support online fast, smooth, high-definition playback, offline cache walking; a popular channel heart subscription, the wonderful drama hand collection; multi screen synchronization, at any time to see the wonderful.

 Youku Video IOS version

Youku video version features apple

1. focus the whole network of quality content, provide film and television drama, variety, animation, entertainment and other massive high-definition video online watch

2. support video batch to the local cache, offline at any time to see

3. and three party support Youku account login, cloud video recording, multi screen synchronization at

4. support for users to upload video, subscription from the main channel, a collection of drama

5. AirPlay, Apple TV easily look cool

6. provide VIP service, enjoy the privilege of free advertising and 1080P HD video, blockbusters

7. perfect fit iOS 10

Youku video version of Apple update

1. "the military adviser Sima Yi Military alliance "The stars each Biao acting Consigliere released fiery in;

2. "Mars CIA 3" every Saturday Youku broadcast alone, Wang Han, Joker led figure I found;

3. brush subscription, automatic record browsing position, more and more happy;

4. other basic experience and details of the optimization.

Software screenshot

Download address

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