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Software introduction

Software label: Excel Excel2003

A real Excel 2003 software is not the only browser Excel Viewer 2003, although Microsoft is the official, but one is not only reading, editing, the official is provided free of charge, the charge is Excel 2003 edition green, only 9 files Excel 2003.
To ensure that some commonly used functions . Usage: run green.Bat green, can be used normally, because very few things added to the registry, so no additional uninstall function.

The Excel2003 table is a version of a list of small single, only the table function, if the download will have little trouble, the file is relatively large, but function like website version, you can also open, view and print Excel workbook. Copy the data from the Excel Viewer to other programs.



Excel2003 official version features:

1. enhanced Statistics Function: using statistical functions more effectively enhanced Excel statistical analysis of information.
2. list range and Windows SharePoint services integration with other people more easily share information. The user can be defined as part of an electronic form list, and the list will be easily exported to the SharePoint Web site.
The smart tag 3. enhanced: specific content related smart tag operation and part of the spreadsheet, and make the proper operation of the smart tag will appear only when the user hovers over a range of cells on the association.
4.XML support: use Excel 2003 to read data in any customer defined in the XML framework. You can also use Excel 2003 XML support, updated charts, tables and curves change based on XML data storage map. This provides real-time information to any Excel format for dynamic analysis.
Analysis of 5. data: enhanced linear detection, variance summary calculation, normal distribution and continuous probability distribution function.


In the work of the author to input often keep three decimal places of the data table, the data range is 0.001 ~ 100, 0.001 ~ 0.010 because most of the data, such a data input to 5 keystrokes, input speed is relatively slow. Can improve the input speed? After the study, the author found that the data format redefined can greatly improve the input efficiency and input such as "0.001" just enter "1", the following is the concrete implementation methods and steps:
Method: automatically set the decimal point
1, the selected cell needs input data;
2, on the tools menu, click options, and then click the edit tab;
3, select "automatically set the decimal point check box;
4, in the "digit" box, enter the number of decimal places, in this case, enter 3";
5, click the OK button, start input data.
Editor's note: "can enter the positive number box, you can enter the negative. For example, if the "digit" input "3" in the box, and then type in the cell "1", the value of "0.001". If the "digit" box "3", and then in a cell type "1", the value of "1000"; in Choice "Before automatically set the decimal point" option from the input number of decimal digits.
Method two: custom data format
1, the selected cell needs input data;
2, on the format menu, click the "cell", select the "digital" tab;
3, in the "classification" drop-down box select "custom";
4, click the "type" input box, enter the new format type "0," and a comma "," pay attention to half English characters, rather than Chinese full width punctuation;
5. click OK button, start input data.
Editor's note: can be customized through the "type" to define data decimal digits, contains a comma in a digital format, the display comma as the thousands separator, or will be reduced one thousand times digital. As for the number "1000" is defined as the type of "# ###" will be displayed as "1000", defined as "#" as "1".

How to make EXCEL financial statements

A, use Financial software At the same time, to meet the export to EXCLE.
Two, according to your data, making a template by EXCEL, each directly fill data, and EXCEL provide a variety of formulas, as long as the flexible use, it can meet your requirements.

Using the excel shortcut form. The main use of the technique is the merge cells, set the frame, insert shape.

 Excel2003 Origin Alsrc= "/upload/2015-2/2015020423335522958.jpg" width= "500" height= "186" border= "0" hspace= "0" vspace= "0" title= "style=" width: 500px; height: 186px; "


Methods / steps

First, in the first row, select the A~G column. Click on the toolbar [with]. Enter the text "payroll".


Two, 2, 3 selected two cell two A columns, click on the toolbar [] after the merger. Enter the text "matters" press the ALT+Enter key on the keyboard input line, "Name".


Three, click on the toolbar on the left [center]. Adjust the width of the cell, and then double-click the cell to enter edit mode, use the keyboard "spacebar" will be "matters" these two words to the right.



Four, click on the toolbar to insert < >, click the [shape], select the line, then pulled out a straight line by diagonal lines.


Five, select each need to merge cells, use merge function after the merger, as shown in figure.


Six, the last step, select the cells, click on the toolbar to add a border border [], table, thus completing the production of forms.

If the table print because too many lines, need to have the same header, please see references: how to print the same title.


Matters needing attention

The toolbar position may be different because of the office version.

Software screenshot

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