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Silly brother CF headshot assisted v0.2 upgrade blindly CF assistant download | headshot blindly Silly brother CF headshot blindly aided The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: Cross Fire CF

CF shage headshot blindly assisted for the game "cross fire" to create a multifunctional tool. The safety of the software is relatively strong, set up the multi code, to prevent the spread of the virus. The software provides a perspective, pointing, ghost, headshot, blindly and other functions, help you become a sniper God, quickly download experience!

The software features

The latest version of the game 1. broke

2. support system

3. reinforcement FPS

With 4. speed program

The 5. comes with the recognition IP program gold bar

6. set up a multi code, to prevent the spread of the virus trojan.

Function introduction

Blind spy spy + transient

Perspective + show ghost

Significant blood + headshot

From sight + sight


The user to enter the game press HOME to start the auxiliary, auxiliary function of automatic start.

Assist with identifying gold Internet IP program, the user experience soared.

After entering the game, the auxiliary failed, please login again, or turn off the firewall or anti-virus software can.

The problem of false alarm of antivirus software, please add the trust!

Decompression password:


Download address

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