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YY mobile phone voice version version 2019 (YY voice) version of Android v7.15.11 YY mobile phone version of the official download | voice 2019 YY mobile phone voice version version 2019 (YY voice) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: YY voice Mobile phone YY

YY mobile phone voice version version 2019 Is a new voice chat software. To bring a wonderful interactive audio and video broadcast function for users can watch online game live, Live talent Video. The formation of a group chat with your buddy, whenever and wherever possible to chat! Hurry to Green Resources Network Download experience.

Software introduction

YY APP comprehensive upgrade "YY version with me", Happy camp The recommended global interactive live gameplay online! YY, boring all away, accompany you to play! More than 10 billion consumer loyalty Choice 7X24, accompany you happy! YY team voice. Distinctive Telephone network The function, can call Y and whenever and wherever possible. The intimate association management function allows you to promptly deal with the affairs of the association! Master anchor, to accompany you to play! Sing, dance, talk show, outdoors Curious, the game live, interactive dating Master everything. And A Zhe, the ER, ball and other popular anchor at the YY. No matter when and where, happy or sad, YY, give you warm companionship!

 YY mobile phone voice version version 2019

YY mobile phone software version 2019 features of speech

1, at any time to see the wonderful live

Various category of live content wonderful on-line, send you the boring time.

2, hundred function optimization

"Stay with me" version upgrade, only to let you in the play to YY whenever and wherever possible.

3, find the city game player

The city covers 100 million people, you will always find the play of the game player, and kill thousands of friends to play boring.

Mobile phone version of YY voice function

Voice channel:

The use of mobile phone, enter the channel team together and play voice, a member of the association of the battle of the world.

Positioning distance:

Can be found near whenever and wherever possible is the use of YY, the handsome, beautiful, accurate display of how far away.

Karaoke entertainment:

By thousands of users create their own entertainment channel, can enjoy listening to music, radio station Rich entertainment.

Friends of radio:

Happy, sad, and shouted at the radio, and friends together to share your the passions.

Chat with friends:

The real-time display has issued the text, pictures, photos, send expression support, voice intercom, a IP phone.

To update the content

V7.15.11 update

Fixed some problems, some function optimization.

V7.14.2 update

The annual 1.YY2018 Festival, not to be missed

2. expression of the new upgrade, open a new mobile phone broadcast Trend

3. on the left sliding gesture optimization, broadcast content browsing more convenient

The 4. page found a new upgrade, you explore new and interesting live content etc.

Software screenshot

Download address

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