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Taobao iPhone mobile phone version of the official v8.3.10 version of Apple's mobile phone Taobao mobile phone Apple mobile phone download | IPhone version of Taobao mobile phone The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Taobao mobile phone IPhone version is designed for Apple mobile phone users to launch mobile phone Shopping Software, there were so many concessions, large discount, and every day can receive free coupons, online shopping can also query orders and delivery information, let you enjoy more comfortable shopping experience, there are a variety of preferential activities waiting for you to come in Oh, love Apple users are welcome to download the shopping network using green resources oh.

The apple version of mobile phone application Amoy is Asia's largest comprehensive online shopping platform, Taobao mall integration of thousands of brands, to provide 100% of the quality of the goods, 7 days no reason to return Customer service Service, shopping and other services cash back points.

Taobao client relies on powerful advantages, integration of its products group purchase Juhuasuan Taobao mall, as a whole, provide users with the latest daily shopping information; more search parity, order inquiries, purchase, collection and management, Navigation And other functions, to bring a new experience of mobile phone shopping is convenient for users.

Taobao client is official produced mobile phone application software and Tencent QQ , Sina micro-blog As one of the outstanding Internet application, worth the download! Easy browsing, happy shopping, order management, logistics information query whenever and wherever possible, your simple operation, easy to use!

 Taobao mobile phone Apple mobile phone download

Mobile phone Taobao product features

1. enjoy the new Taobao mobile experience

300 million multi commodity browsing, so you want your fingertips sliding in Amoy baby!

The seller shops surprise price 2:

The seller shops selling goods, special offer every day every day!

3. browsing:

Second we carefully selected the most high quality and inexpensive goods, always give you surprise!

4. purchase payment:

Convenient to purchase and payment functions, allows you to easily and safely make a fashion Master!

5. logistics query:

Let your baby real-time update of logistics, logistics tracking status whenever and wherever possible!

6. smooth communication, online shopping safety:

Mobile phone want to communicate at any time, make your online shopping more at ease.

7. browsing history, local collection:

Browsing history, local favorites, let you easily buy more cost-effective goods.

8. transaction history:

Query the historical transaction status: whenever and wherever possible within three months of successful trading orders, waiting for the buyer to pay the seller shipped orders, waiting for orders, waiting for the buyer to confirm receipt of orders.

9. camera search

Support the cover of the book search, allowing you to the bookstore Buy a Book When more convenient price check. The following code search soon.

From Taobao to enter Tmall The method

First, after landing the account directly in the Taobao home page click on Tmall".

 Taobao mobile phone Apple official version download

In two, Tmall mall can also receive new coupons.

 Mobile phone Taobao iPhone Download

Three, click into the built-in page to receive a free.

 The Taobao version of Apple software download

To update the content

New in version 8.2.10

1. Taobao 1212-'s baby total runoff, fully open for you to vote!

2. station support baby debut, a chance to empty the shopping cart!

3. see Taobao live, people's baby total runoff, let your love baby C debut!

There are 4. good reputation awards, carefully selected, better than good!

New in version 4.0.0

The new mobile phone Taobao 4 is coming, a series of dazzling, let you put it down!

1, update the global navigation system, such as improved return gesture, make the experience better

2, introduction Alipay The latest products, a fix payment, fast and safe

3, the new Wang letter chat mode, shopping on the side of the chat, can switch at any time

4, support customer service refund, refund status at any time

5, businesses can customize the menu, view the dynamic flow classification, personalized message push, let you look micro Amoy

6, my site I call the shots, customize their own homepage, let love card into your eyes

7, customize your preferences, recommend good goods more accurate, with a good recommendation, take you to find more

New in version 3.4.5

Special Edition 1, 1212 Taobao universal, can participate in the 1212 activities;

2, increase the voice search function, words and sentences can be identified;

3, increase the life circle function, personalized recommendation;

4, micro Amoy new revision, it found an interesting account of surprise!

5, increase the whole point of panic buying function, there is panic buying, good price in the pocket;

6, increase the shopping calendar, to buy things you can set the alarm clock to remind;

7, compatible with ios7;

8, the optimization of 2G, 3G network access, more traffic, faster;

9, optimize performance, reduce energy consumption, reduce the size of the installation package;

New in version 3.1.3

One upgrade Lottery functions, support fast three new types of color, not only fun, the winning rate is high Oh, hurry to try your luck!

2. optimization of the micro Amoy, personal support center in time to see the news comments;

3. my new Taobao Alipay entrance, Alipay account management at any time;

4. optimize client performance, enhance the stability.

New features in Taobao 2.5.1

The 1212 version is not the same

1. new features: mobile phone betting lottery and complete, complete, keep a finger, a button to complete the payment, more color more play, I wish you good luck!

2. new features: domestic air ticket inquiries orders, special offer ticket information. Love dream trip!

3. new modules: memories of catching butterflies Childhood game Fun, more rich award, Coupon You receive.

4. enhanced scanning Function: support more merchandise, providing network price and supermarket price, buy than sell fine.

5. fit iPhone5 models, the black side of byebye.

6. optimization of Juhuasuan

7. shopping cart check inconvenience

8. commodity pictures cannot be loading problem

9. other B UG Fix

The new Taobao for iPhone function in 2.2.1

1, some problems

2, the new Taobao Logo enabled

3, shopping cart price and price increase shows at the same time, how much discount at a glance

The 4 part details the visual interface, fine-tuning

The new Taobao for iPhone function in 2.2.0

This brought us in the first half of this year the biggest improvement of — — transaction support comprehensive upgrade.

1. support a dozen new types of transactions: VIP, preferential payment, send a friend (minus), insurance, freight, second-hand store coupons, gold coins, Alipay mall, integral set of treasure;

2. shopping cart interface rewriting, support time limited discount etc. into the shopping cart, and support the preferential purchase;

3. improved baby details page, increase the number of parameters of popularity and evaluation, make shopping decision more fully;

4. improved my Taobao, logistics, payment, check to confirm receipt and evaluation of the operation more convenient;

5. other visual performance improvement, optimization and bug fix.

New in version 2.1.0

1. improve the page loading speed, the optimal lifting 10 times;

2. the design of the new product list page, show in the form of a variety of support list, 9 grids, large, selection, location, category Choice The operation is more convenient;

3. new Alipay secure payment service, guarantee payment security and provide more convenient steps and higher pay for you;

4. new commercial search list shows the preferential price, price at a glance;

5. new sellers of goods list of new order;

Optimization of 6. update speed, want bottom, solve a lot of bug;

7. other optimization.

Software screenshot

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