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The United States took the iPad version of the v6.6.1 version of Apple IOS The United States took HD download | The United States took the iPad version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Beauty shot Short video

Beauty shot IPad version Is a Short video Software capture software, a variety of video effects and massive music, creative and active users of short video make it has become an essential part of many people on the mobile phone software. I believe the United States took from it to now, representing the basic can be seen as a short video software, if you haven't used out it, Come download it!

The United States took the iPad version of the application

Beauty shoot short video community, super good, have fun and interesting videos, including funny than the stars, adorable pet, beauty, God, goddess and other exciting content, you want to see all! There are more than one hundred million users in the United States beat the world's, you do not come to join!

The content of software

The super nice beauty short video

Today is the most fashionable gathering Trend Beauty, Salon So, Manicure heard every day to see the tutorial, can be a little more and more beautiful!

The super nice short video star

Want to see a star Master privately different? Yes, it took on the United states!!!

The super good funny short video

It is said that all the bursting point by this group of funny than contracted, look funny, let the joy of living without limit! I heard laughter more will become thin oh!

The super nice adorable treasure short video

Adorable pet and cute baby, funny funny than hits, you think you can resist the temptation of healing!

The ultra attractive male god goddess

Of course, not only the standard value of Yan eighteen, like Wu Yi is attracted to a different God Goddess in beauty!

The United States took more about travel, delicacy and talent wonderful video Oh, you don't come!

The software features

The world's first MV effects, a second large video!

The photo of a second movie! Record new ways of life!

The United States took the # kichiku # magic line! A second video to livestock!

The incoming barrage function, no longer buried God replies!

* Meitu Xiu Xiu The team produced a short video community, super good!

software documentation

= = Apple Watch = = adaptation function

1. you can use Apple Watch to browse, love friends beauty oh!

2. you can use Apple Watch iPhone remote shooting beauty shoot short videos and photos!

3. you can view your Apple Watch to beat the United States received @, comments, new friends and other news.

Software update

Version number: V3.8.0

1. function barrage struck, God replies will no longer be buried!

The United States took 2. # national kichiku # magic line! A second video to livestock!

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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