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It is building 2015 crack version (T20 Fillmore) 64 /32 bits of _ Fillmore It is building 2015 Fillmore | It is building 2015 cracked version (T20 register) The score: 8

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Software introduction

It is building 2015 crack version (T20 register) It is a 2015 crack registration machine, can help users generate tarch 2015 registration code, use a completely free. It is the first domestic architects architectural design software CAD, it appears, not only to AutoCAD The impact, is for the country, not only will you do CAD, Chinese line! Here, Xiaobian to provide Vray version 2015 crack download, the perfect support for 64/32 system, at the same time with registration machine, welcome to download.

It is building a new version of 64/32 2015 function

1. was perfect annotation system: according to the new GB arc length annotation; support size text with lead and layout space of new annotation; Stairs The size of isometric function annotation;

2. axis text added hidden characteristics; increase batch labeling coordinates. Elevation alignment etc.

Function; the new cloud line. Lead parallel tagging. Leads to non orthogonal cutting drawing symbols;

3. improved wall column connection position of intersection processing and wall line filling pattern and insulation display; improvement of the wall section. Curtain wall and other related functions XQJ conversion;

Improved 4. windows system: new smart plug doors and windows. The windows in the figure parameters of pickup function; the same number of doors and windows support batch modify; optimization window object; improved windows automatic numbering rules and check doors and windows; doors and windows to solve printing problems;

5. graphics are derived. Batch transfer problems of the old and new export settings;

The new 6. block length renamed. Statistics Drawings than peer assisted drawing tools. Welcome to the new and old customers to download. On trial ! A free trial version of 500 hours

It is building 2015 cracked version of 64/32 use method

1, download and unpack, double-click the Vray 2015 download.Exe "to install the trial version; Download address Baidu SkyDrive address : Http://

2, the free trial version, you can try 500 hours;

3, check the necessary energy-saving, according to the prompts to install;

5, click on the desktop icon into the software, 2015 software Tianzheng construction;

5, 2015 registered software Tianzheng pop-up window, copy the installation ID;

6, then open the package in the "TGkeygen.exe" file, enter a copy number ID or machine code;

7, Choice "TWT2015", then click "generate code" button to generate software registration code;

8, finally, the registration code is copied to the software registration, can be successfully activated Tianzheng building 2015.

9, if the registration fails or not registered, may be registered machine failure, double-click the "2015 cycle tarch trial version.Bat file, to trial, permanent free function.

10, open the software, users can use unlimited.

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Download address

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