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Software introduction

Public comment App is the official mobile phone client, a Mobile phone group purchase artifact ! Here, you can find all kinds of delicacy information, can also query the surrounding life service information required for a key query, fast reservation. Quickly download experience!

The official public comment app is the world's first consumer review site, is committed to enhancing the quality of life of consumers, providing local businesses, consumer evaluation of trustworthy and preferential information, including group purchase, Tourism , Hotel , Take-out food Movie delicacy, Salon , Manicure KTV, booking, booking, delivery, electronic Membership card Life information service, Dianping, is now more coverage of the home, beauty, marriage, family, home, travel, outbound overseas life network, Vehicle check violation Almost all of the local life service industry.

 Public comment app

Public comment app features

[ Take-out food Easy enough] from delivery price, merchants of heart to enjoy

[beauty] stylist appointment new price list, price transparency about trust

[entertainment] new businesses feature label promotions as you choose

[movie] a lot of posters Propaganda Film star struck, broke the waiting for you to explore

[welfare] daily Red envelopes Grand Prix free collar, every day is payday

More service

Scan code: flash flash Hui Hui, scan code payment!

Online booking, reservation number: advance paihao!

Prepare the marriage: welfare experts wedding venue, wedding would pick!

Pregnant mother adorable treasure: verified, with children where to go to comment on the weekend!

Life: the largest decline in 50%, the largest in Shanghai Duty-free store Opening soon!

The hotel offers: 0 yuan for grand new! 9 luxury hotels invites you free experience!

Turn to play overseas: Inventory The most authentic Korean desserts, everyone want to eat again!

To club: Illegal query On the line, you can then check illegal car channel!

Every weekend to play: 8 yuan lottery Carnival started! Limited 8 yuan to sing K 100% winning!

Takeaway: free preferential delivery charges VS free dessert? Don't choose, will send Zhaijisong Are you!

Intimate home: holiday work never stops! Enjoy the best, about 9 yuan home, door-to-door service, every weekend!

Educational institutions: trust choose new educational channel video record function, reliable mechanism of trust choose personally on the scene!

The latest hair stylist list: other Xpress, found around you, gold artisan!

Now there are Register Gas station parking lot, query, query, query query function of all hospital pharmacies, waiting for you to come!

Group purchase discount

Essential artifact download Dianping now, idle away in seeking pleasure! Reservations, ordering, whenever and wherever possible guide, open room, comment, Manicure, Raiders, cleaning, room escape, exquisite delicacy, spa, leisure, Shopping And supper, crayfish, Hot pot, film, Salon Palm, and wedding photography, part of the housing, shopping, group purchase group purchase movie tickets, delicacy, catering, tourism, swimming, panic buying, did not expect, fitness, online shopping, 9 pieces of 9 two tickets, health care, China, dinner, mall, lunch and dinner, pets, cosmetics, 3D film, parking field, palm China, community, various business and products as you choose! The public comment to idle away in seeking pleasure, do not worry about the chowhound essential artifact, and support WeChat , Alipay payment !

Update log

V10.8.4 update:

[map] find store to open the map to find more good shop

[hair] card card value of a key handle, more secure funding

V10.6.6 update

Take out to try to send up the price? Salon to see the price list?

Big comment upgrade Preferential, clean sweep, make smarter Choice

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Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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