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Iqiyi video 2019 computer version of the latest version of v6.7.82.6548 Iqiyi official download 2019| player Iqiyi video computer version 2019 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Iqiyi Video player

Iqiyi Video player Two thousand and nineteen Is the official Iqiyi PC client, essential artifact movies and TV series! All genuine video resources, can be assured to watch; super P2P acceleration, viewing more smoothly, without the three party to accelerate. Quickly download experience!

Iqiyi video introduction

Iqiyi video, is a dedicated video playback software, free download and install, watch HD genuine film and television, television, online can enjoy Iqiyi website all free HD genuine video, film and television, the latest and most exclusive variety, tourism, documentary, search the whole network support, is the most fashionable and personalized video client.


Iqiyi client characteristics

The first will be the "deformation" of the video player software

A software, two modes! List or text, black or white at Choice .

The whole network video collection

Iqiyi net, Youku , Potato Tencent, Sohu, letv All the video, a look through the whole network software!

The film second broadcast, Caton refused

Using HCDN network transmission technology developed exclusive Iqiyi, watch movies from farewell caton!

All genuine HD

Iqiyi video are licensed, no legal risk. Is the time to abandon those pirated software!

Full support for 1080p, a sharp and clear picture

Support HD, 720p, 1080p, 4K ultra clear definition, intelligent and manual switch as you wish!

VIP member exclusive Hollywood blockbusters

More than 6000 movies to watch for free, " The Lost Tomb "And other popular TV series VIP member first look!

Personalized content you like to you

According to your viewing preferences recommended video content most suitable for your taste for you

Enjoy the super VIP membership privileges

Free advertising, Download acceleration, distinguished members of the crown, and super privilege so you find.

Iqiyi player

Free: free download and install, free to watch HD genuine film

Rich content: the latest film, the hottest variety, tourism, documentary, support all Qiyi network

 Iqiyi player

Smooth playback: than online watch is more smooth, more people see more smooth

While watching: choose video while watching a video, faster and more convenient to find the most want to see the show

Turn off the lights in the form: click full screen playback "lights out", immediately enjoy the theater play experience

Accelerated viewing: P2P acceleration makes viewing more smooth, rapid and enjoy the ultimate experience

Common problem

A player, how to do a black screen or window display blank?

Terms of settlement:

1. check the network connection status, confirm the network connection is normal.

2. you are advised to download or update to the latest version of WindowsMedia Player. Immediately download and install the latest version Windows Media Player

Two what is the copyright limitation? Why do I not see?

All of Iqiyi's video for the original content, for copyright reasons, some video can be viewed only in certain areas. If you are not in a IP video copyright authorization, will cause you to watch the video

Three, how to solve the sawtooth playback screen under the win7 system?

If you are using the win7 system and the playback screen will have aliasing phenomenon, please re set on the desktop. Right click on my computer - properties - advanced system settings - Advanced - Performance Options - start the desktop (the default is checked, please check the settings)

Update log

1. free advertising function optimization.

2. text font browsing experience upgrade.

Three Tennis Membership privilege.

4. some BUG repair.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The 1 floor Guangdong, Guangzhou telecom users guests Published: 2014/11/16 17:51:25
Iqiyi or wide resources look smooth, speed awesome HD is cool.

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