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Youku video player version of the latest version of Android mobile phone v7.6.7 Youku app official download | Youku video player version of mobile phone The score: 8

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Software introduction

Youku Video app Is launched mobile TV The client, very easy to use mobile phone Video player . Here, you can find the massive video resources, the hottest new movies, TV shows are, there are abundant foreign blockbusters, hurry to Green Resources Network Download experience!

Software introduction

Youku is the application of intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone users developed completely free of charge, do not need to pay any fees. With rich content recommendation, smooth playback experience, fast full search, pass and shoot other unique characteristics. Can let you enjoy the fun of video whenever and wherever possible. Youku - film, television, animation, music, news, entertainment, massive HD video online watch and download Youku for Android mobile phone customized video entertainment client products, to provide a smooth and convenient client video playback experience for users.

 Youku app

Youku video mobile phone version features

Comedy arena, revival, this world is very ha

Give Way Satin Fly for a while, the world a lot of bursting point

Hot blooded youth, find out Changan, this world is P

Beautiful immortal love, love love, this world is a dream

The whole life for our integrity, never ending, this world is two yuan

Recommended hit

" 10 in peach III. "True immortal love, love love

"Happy 3" comedy funny we are serious

The "blood" of Tang Changan version of the X file, find out the blood of youth in Changan

"Silver soul 4" to life your king, with my blood for your border

"Mars 2" that is super intelligence ability

"Detective Sherlock" 4 British drama see this one is enough

"Remember" fantasy Qixing lake, ghost pixie, laugh at the world situation

"The campus Belle prequel very pure very ambiguous" earthly eyes ability, ambiguous youth.

"Funny" Chen Jun headlines Zhang egg hilarious "downtown" Spring Festival evening

"I give up, I pay close attention to" let go, in order to better grasp you

"Our challenge is great"

"Xi Ya man" in poker-faced science Hee. Hip hop Do the heroes

" Flying Daggers "Remodeling Cologne classic, new youth martial arts

" A smile is beautiful "The girl heart burst, not marry ho Liao

"We love it" three goddess turns up Han

The "happy" spy "such as Jia replacement, costume comedy smile

"Startling step by step: Li" Palace feise growth history

Update log

1. head home Navigation The structure optimization, slide switch channels, improve the efficiency of traffic distribution, strengthen the effective distribution of the content of media information, as in the home in hot drama

The 2. page search bar head exposed, enhance the user's perception

3. head home three points will be canceled, direct download and play records show, using the path optimization of users, the convenience of users

4. the headlines from the home page of independent individual tab, provide effective Short video Polymerization of tab, a key to strengthen the distribution of various types of content, short video

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The 1 building in Zhejiang Wenzhou radio and television network users guests Published: 2017/5/29 13:21:01
I didn't watch the video Youku's words, a lot of resources, smooth HD, very love, hope more and better...........

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