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The game is introduced

QQ Battle platform Computer game is to provide online services to more than Internet users, it will be game game player remote Trinidad easily through Internet on the Internet, with a LAN. The platform provides the "add friends" and "tracking friends" and "recommended room" and "voice chat" and other value-added services to make your game more easily. Welcome friends in need to download the use of green resources!


QQ is one of the projects invested by Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. battle platform, network game platform is a kind of comprehensive, since the beginning of April 2004 to enter the small range of research and development, at the beginning of the July beta stage game player.

Through the QQ battle platform to help any LAN through online games are available through a LAN game on the platform, no longer need a dedicated server, no longer need to remember complex IP address, game player can be very convenient to other people and play together. On the platform of every room is all game player if in the same cafe, all through the LAN any exchange, and other game player game together, learn from each other, enjoy War game Bring us endless fun.

 QQ battle platform software

At present, the Tencent has 260 million huge QQ users, the highest 6 million online users, users of various provinces and cities across the country and even around the world. On the basis of such a huge user base, we continue to provide users with more and more exciting entertainment services Internet content. QQ is a new interactive entertainment services we provide users with network game platform, specifically for the QQ user in the group Sports games Group of enthusiasts. With the help of QQ users and the Tencent Inc sent strong strong technical strength, improve the rapid development of QQ battle platform will, beyond the network of similar products, has become one of the new hot entertainment network game player.

QQ battle platform daquan:

Q: enter the platform to start the game
A: you download platform must also install the game for the game if you install the correct to start, so that your game path is not set correctly, please refer to Http://games.qq.com/esports/08qqbattle/shiyong.htm Get help.
Q: set properly, unable to enter the game
Would you please try to start the game directly to success. If you still have questions, please re install the QQ battle platform. The effect will be better if you can run in WindowsXP.
Q: how to team with friends
Marine function is being developed, will gradually open in the next version. Friends can add right click on the platform game player on the list Choice Add to QQ friends or friends of battle platform.
Q: installation problems set the game in XP
If you install firewall Please try again after closing. At the same time, please use the Anti-virus software Check whether your system is infected with the virus. Reinstall the QQ search platform against retry.
Q: open the firewall after the brush out of the game
Some firewalls will automatically shield many network ports in the open platform, resulting in network communication problems, so the brush out of the game. You can use your firewall according to the situation, let go of these ports, or temporarily disable the firewall.
Q: \ integral is the integral calculation in seconds or minutes
The platform is in accordance with you start the game to start playing, until the time to exit the game integral.
Q: is too laggy
The position where the game speed and you enter the server, perhaps in your area is not QQ battle platform server, we are very sorry for this problem, the speed of the game as we believe it will be opened around the server is improved.
Q: don't use proxy
Hello! The QQ battle platform in the testing phase, we apologize for the inconvenience. The platform does not support the proxy server. Due to the larger war platform at the beginning of the game of network traffic, also to the proxy server burden. We will study this function in the next plan.
Q: not a game or a version of the game.
Due to the current QQ battle platform at the testing stage, so to give priority to support the more popular a few games. Study on the new game support is being carried out, the next stage will be a new game is supported.
Q: increase the game
Hello, we are currently in the development of many games, I believe that in the future there will be more and more games for your choice.
Q: brush the game
Please check your brush out of the server used version of the game, enter the room is correct. If the two sides will lead to a slow connection, waiting time. At the same time, we suggest you go to people more room for the game.
Q: the end of the game can not refresh a server after
If this is the case, please check your link with the platform hall is interrupted. Try to exit or restart the game. Not others to open the game to make sure you and the other version of the game is the same, whether the same into the game room and your version of the game. At the same time, if you open a firewall program, you can try to close the firewall.
Q: the game will not enter
You can go to war3 Http://games.qq.com/z/battle/help_war3_.htm Look at this address, which will tell you how to set up detailed and into the game.
You can go to CS Http://games.qq.com/z/battle/help_cs_.htm Look at this address, which will tell you how to set up detailed and into the game.
You can go to SC Http://games.qq.com/z/battle/help_sc_.htm Look at this address, which will tell you how to set up detailed and into the game.
Age of Empires you choose to enter the game Multiplayer games Then, select DIRECTPLAY, and then in the next game in the list if you choose to play on it.
Q: did not install the game cannot set platform
Just a game player to provide a media and other athletic game player, itself is not a game, if you want to play the game which it must install the game.

Update log:

Tencent battle platform (New QQ battle platform) v1.0.16.1235 official version update:
1, increase the integral area of StarCraft;
2, enhance the game's anti hanging efforts;
3, Dota map Update to 6.79e;

V0.9.12.1112 update:

1, upgrade The client security component, enhance the ability of anti plug
V0.9.12.1110 update:
1, new" Red Alert 2 ".
2, StarCraft modified the problem Caton
3, modify the DotA BUG error report
4, optimize the part of the game experience.


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