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Trojan nemesis Iparmor v5.50 Chinese free version Trojan nemesis | official download Trojan nemesis Iparmor The score: 8

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Software introduction

Trojan nemesis is a powerful Trojan query software. Can Monitor System real-time virus and Trojan information, timely prevent and remove the Trojan virus, is a very good computer system for protection of god. Come and download network using green resources.


Trojan nemesis is specifically for the domestic Trojan software, the software is dynamic and static character monitoring network scanning The perfect combination of killing 3759 Trojan international, guarantee: all versions of the glacier, killing all 2001 black hole version domestic Trojan, challenge the limit of safety, the destruction of the Trojan horse! This software with lockdown and The compared to Clean: they call INT21 interrupt system, as long as it is running in memory, it is necessary to keep the order of CPU executes its instructions, under no circumstances, was occupied by a CPU process, the Trojan nemesis to monitor disk technology, the CPU load is not occupied, lockdown and The Clean false alarm continue to write any, start running the program, it will still prompt the Trojans, opposite domestic documents related Trojan killing rate of 0 of the software operation more intelligent, occupy less system resources, killing the Trojans more! Online upgrade Trojan library, upgrade every day!


Application characteristics

1. can not only killing Trojans, can check the anti hacker password.

The horse 2. firewall , any hacker program attempts to send mail to confirm the password, Iparmor.

3. Iparmor Iparmor killing 8122 Trojan international, 1053 kinds of password stealing Trojans, which killing legendary Trojan password theft.

Function introduction

Monitoring network

We can see that each program reads the network.

Network status

Here you can see your network, if the linsten TCP protocol on port 1025 above may be a trojan.

View sharing

You can see the hard disk in the open.

Start the project

You can see the program together with the win, with the left mouse button to take, you can delete the process with the delete key on the keyboard.


After clicking will scan the memory, to get the network status, the system process, the startup project information.

System process

On this page you can see the program in the operation system, with the left mouse button to take, you can delete the process with the delete key on the keyboard.

Scan the hard disk

This page can Choice Whether to remove Trojan in the input box on the right side can choose the scanning path, and can carry out the full scan disk. Often the scan can help you remove the hard disk in the Trojan horse. We recommend at least scan 1 times a week.

Update the virus database

Users are advised to update 1 times every 5 days, if you update prompt: "is the latest version, the upgrade does not require, on behalf of you have used the latest version, do not need to upgrade.

Scan memory

After starting the software will automatically enter this page, it directly shows the current memory there is no horse, if you are the first 30 times, Iparmor can automatically help you remove Trojans, without manual intervention, of course: Daily 2, 3 new trojan virus, in order to more secure, or need to upgrade trojan virus database.

Set and firewall

You can choose whether the software start automatically when Windows starts, the firewall for worms and port surveillance, in your email, if there is a worm, it will alarm when you connect to hackers trying to time, it will alarm. This function is recommended to set the hard disk scan file type scan options, if connected to the network through the agent, can also set the proxy option.

Software screenshot

Download address

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First, Liaoning Benxi Telecom ADSL users guests Published: 2014/10/25 12:10:01
This with the same name, it is trojan nemesis, pretty awesome.

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