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The latest version of Baidu maps 2019 v10.12.0 official version of Android Baidu map download and install 2019| The latest version of Baidu maps 2019 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Mobile phone Baidu Maps Download and install software Is the Baidu Inc launched Mobile phone map Navigation App, provide professional Intelligent voice Navigation, fast to search, intelligent recommendation last line, you can also quickly call the car, travel more convenient. Hurry to Green Resources Network Download experience!

Baidu Maps app software features

1. times now tell you the location:

Support Wi-Fi, WAP, net and other network access mode

Baidu's own positioning service provided base station Wi-Fi and GPS composite positioning.

2. with the least flow and the fastest speed:

More than 240 of the city city offline map package, support Wi-Fi direct download and PC into two ways to download and install, for you to save more than 90% of the traffic, and greatly enhance the search, browsing speed and experience.

3. for you to find the place:

Location, business, transit Site search, but also provide catering, entertainment, transportation, banking and other surrounding life information search;% in addition to the address telephone and other basic information, such as the specials, also provides a wealth of information Business Hours.

The 4. guide you how to get to the destination:

Baidu maps integration of powerful route planning ability, provide transportation, driving, walking three kinds of travel mode, travel time prediction and more support tmc Query, make your travel more comfortably.

5. let you meet with friends on the map:

With the mobile phone contacts to achieve real-time location sharing, convenient self setting, maximize the protection of your privacy; at the same time support SMS and MMS share search results;

6. there are more intimate tools you find:

The software is equipped with favorites, screenshots, ranging, Traffic monitoring All kinds of useful gadgets, meet your various needs. If love, don't forget to use the software to recommend to friends to share with friends Oh function!

 Baidu map app

Baidu maps mobile phone function

Search function

In the search function: in addition to support the general location, category search, Baidu map, NOKIA mobile phone version of the client to support the retrieval and shops on the bus, metro Site search.

Enter the bus station or route name, Baidu mobile phone map can directly display detailed information about the site or route, including the way line and the corresponding site of the first and last time, and the query line, you can see the line trajectory And along the way each site of the first and last time.

The route planning: the Baidu mobile phone map in addition to support the basic route planning, you can support more users according to the time, distance and ride metro The different schemes for sorting and re planning.

Near the search: support to any place as the center for the surrounding facilities or specific location, and gives the distance center distance, convenient travel planning; with the location and route planning, navigation for users.

Positioning function

real time Traffic And traffic forecast: for users of mobile phone map, depending on the function of both relative to the user than the PC side is more intense, while Baidu maps from the WM version of the client has been set to support the function.

The real-time positioning function: Baidu mobile phone NOKIA map version supports real-time update of user location, and when the direction of motion gives the user movement, as the next step given clear guidelines, and if the mobile phone hardware itself is equipped with a gyroscope, the Baidu mobile phone map mobile phone compass function is equivalent to a personal user Compass The user can view the direction.

Save and share function

Save the map: keep the current screen to the mobile phone, close to provincial traffic, not networking, can always see the check in advance good place and route;

Send to friends: any query results, can at any time by SMS or MMS directly sent to friends, and friends in addition can be viewed in the MMS, text on the outside, but also through the link with the address direct access to Baidu map to see the location to send.

On line: place, meet or common place and route, can be directly transferred out of view, at any time.

Shortcut button function

The mobile phone "*" is enlarged, "#" is narrow, "9" on behalf of the next search results, but "0" are powerful positioning key! Click to view my position, no matter where, all can be a key to confirm your address.

Use Baidu map

Navigation and voice Electronic dog Will continue to use the GPS location service, switch to the backstage broadcast Give the correct time That will remain a GPS connection, compared to other operations will consume more power.

Update log

V10.12.0 update:

Tang Wei Voice package On the line: shout "small small, I want Tang Wei navigation"

Personalized navigation routes: the route of support, the preferred route of

See page: recommended route for travel advice in commuting time, the surrounding traffic incident

Full access to Baidu smart small program: POI search into the details page, as well as play travel in small program

The new year for Tang Wei, for your navigation, go to download the new version of Baidu update Figure. !

The detailed map pack (927M) offline download: Http://

Developer: Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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Baidu map is really good, very personal love, although the High German is also good, but the habit of using Baidu

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