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The four OKI5530SC printer driver official version Oki5530sc driver download | The four OKI5530SC needle type printer driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

The four OKI5530SC printer is a master machine, but there are some people in this small series, provides the official printer driver, there is a need to download it.

The four OKI5530SC needle type printer parameters

Printing speed: English character number: 135 / sec high-speed high Chinese characters;

Input methods: flat push type friction paper, drag paper, automatic

Interface type: parallel

Character set: GB18030-2000 (character set) / graphics

The number of needle needle type print: Print

Product size: 465 x 343 x 200mm

 Four OKI5530SC driver

Product weight: 12kg

Supply voltage: 220V + 10%

work noise : <52dBA

Environmental parameters: 5-35

Installation method

Click Start - Settings - Printers and fax printer - --- add next - to automatically detect and install plug mark printer "in front of the small box removed -- the next step -- the next step -- from the" manufacturer "column Choice The printer brand -- in the "printer" option in the absence of your size (in the lower right corner on havedisk will be used) then choose one installed in the installation process, you will see Printer driver In your computer's address it (such as C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3) to open the unpacked folder, copy the file to the inside just above the address in the C C copy and paste this link to click on havedisk spaces below "A:\", the point can be determined.

Software screenshot

Download address

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Good, thank you!

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