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Tencent Daily Express mobile phone version of the v4.8.90 version of Android Daily Express app download | Tencent Daily Express mobile phone edition The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Daily Express App news

Daily Express mobile version is the Tencent's interest in reading a mobile phone software, here for you collect the world's most popular fresh information, while watching comments while Tucao, can also be based on your browsing habits of reading intelligent recommendation content you would like to express, fresh, hot information fast one step, let you go want to see it, like the friends quickly download experience!

The official introduction

Do you want to see, say what you want to say! The "Daily Express" is a personal reading, reading news products make complaints about happiness. Intelligent computing your interest, you recommend the content of love.

Daily Express function

[1.] intelligent recommendation

Big data Intelligent analysis platform, to provide you with private custom reading aspect. We have a group of technology house, committed by every 1 hits you, every 1 time sharing, calculate your interest.

2. [rich] channel

Hot, social, financial, military, video broadcast...... We have a fine channel classification comprehensive, customizable news module, more TFboys and Luhan exclusive star channel, waiting for you to come around!

 Daily Express Download Mobile Phone

[3.] quality assurance

Tencent news Team, sincerity produced, quality assurance. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day rolling update, and allow you to obtain domestic hot news information in a timely manner.

[4.] clean interface

The interface is simple and exquisite layout, simplify. Intelligent search, hot recommendation, entertainment news, classification at a glance.

5. local news []

Locate the local city, local can receive important information. You can also add Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other concerned first-tier cities, let you walk in the forefront of the times

Daily Express app characteristics

1.: cool the world to see you here. The content of interactive mode of subversion, in addition to comment to make complaints about the forwarding WeChat /QQ, can be in this paper directly to annotate images and make complaints about, you can view a screenshot sharing Circle of friends Alone, as the Lele!

2.: you see here in the world. A whole network focus -- the fastest information, the hottest topic in the circle of friends, / micro-blog Crazy turn, fresh things around... All the panoramic view.

 Daily Express Free Edition

3.: WeChat or QQ login, you can immediately recognize the interest in reading, to recommend you love the content.

Content update

1. is optimized for video playback, search and share a number of experience

Keywords 2. increased subscription, a wonderful track

3. some B fixes UG

4. modify the bottom page shows and some other bug

Developer: Tencent Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

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The building 1 Beijing happy net friends guests Published: 2017/8/19 22:36:49
All kinds of information inside the daily express are very rich, finance, news, real time... Strong feeling than today's headlines

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