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Pea pod mobile phone assistant computer version v3.0.0.2874 official version pc Peas official download | Pea pod mobile phone assistant computer version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Pea pods iphone

Pea pods Android is a professional mobile phone management tool. The user only needs to connect to the computer and mobile phone, you can download free applications, games, themes, and e-books, video, music and other resources, but also can easily manage the data in the mobile phone. Quickly download experience!

The characteristics of pea pods


Not only can find applications, can find applications in content

We collected the network of more than 2 million high-quality applications and games. Not only that, you can find these applications in video, music, wallpaper, etc..

From then on, whether you want to download WeChat Still want to see "modern family", with the pea pod is enough.

Professional and reliable

Recommended test and application of the professional media Master security

74 professional media and 42 application for Master you recommended, at the same time we test each one application.

We recommend you professional, rest assured download.

Superior quality

"Attention" function and the pea pod design award, make it easier for you to understand the quality of the application

The mainstream of the application can not meet you? The application is very common don't you see? To try the pea pods "concern" and see the pea pod design award.

Most of the high-quality applications, we both hands.

Pea pod function

Think of, will be able to download

The pea pod contains more than 450 thousand high-quality Android applications and games, as well as more than 130 content providers to provide music, video, e-books, wallpapers and themes. Let your mobile phone more than you think in a more powerful and fun.

To worry, more assured

The application of pea pods are clearly marked to provide security, privacy, advertising and official verification information. The characteristics of pea wash in vain, can be replaced with copycat applications, advertising application or the official version of the ad free version, allowing you to use more at ease.

The management of mobile phone, handy

In the mobile phone to operate very complicated things, on the computer more efficient. You can use the pea pods to send and receive text messages, contacts, applications, management of mobile phone pictures and video, mobile phone and computer data backup to the cloud management, mobile phone is so handy.

Update log

V3.0 update:

1. solve and Sogou input method The problem of conflict

2. other optimization

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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First, Hubei Wuhan telecom users guests Published: 2015/1/17 9:52:35
Mobile phone, very practical,.

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