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Software introduction

Turbo c3.0 64 can provide all kinds of simulation services, integrated development environment required for you, has launched many editing functions, have the program compiled and all kinds of text editing, is a good solution to the problem of users of digital editing!

Turbo c3.0 introduction

Turbo C is the American Borland company, Borland company is a company specializing in software development And the company developed. The company has launched a series of Turbo software, such as Turbo BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Turbo Prolog, the software is very popular with users.

 Turbo c3.0

Features introduction

In 1987 the company launched the first Turbo C 1 products, including the use of a completely new integrated development environment, using a series of drop-down menus, text editor, compiler, connection and program integration, greatly facilitate the process of development.

The development of the

In 1991 the company in order to apply the Microsoft version of Windows 3, Borland Turbo C++ company will be updated, i.e. Turbo C Borlandc C++ is a new generation of products have been made.

Borland company later launched the object-oriented software package Turbo C++ integrated development environment. It is the inheritance and development of Turbo C 2, and includes the basic idea and object oriented design method.

Historical introduction

In 1988, Borland company launched Turbo version of C1.5, increase the graphics and text window function library, and the Turbo C 2 is the company published in 1989. Based on the original Turbo C2.0 integrated development environment on the increase of debugging, and can directly generate.COM in Tiny mode (code, data and stack in the same 64K file in memory). Also on the math coprocessor (8087/80287/80387 support) simulation.

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